Saturday, June 7, 2014

June '14: Beauty of the night

Figure 1: The scene at Panorama Paradise.
Once in a while, I tend to walk outside when its 2 o' clock in the morning, the ambient that surrounds me is so cold and the only music I hear is the sound of nature. It was pitch black that the only source of light is coming from the skies. 

Its is a beauty to behold, the stars are shinning so brightly and in numbers which are so many that I can't remember the last star that I saw. I am in awe looking at the beautiful glowing sky. It is magical and also something that I have wished to capture.

It's the middle of the year, and there's so much that I have missed, beautiful sunsets and also limited time to do the things that I wanted to do. In everything we do, there's things we need to sacrifice in order to commit to a certain goal we need to achieve.

Figure 2: The owner of Panorama Paradise.
A big thanks to the owner of Panorama Paradise for allowing us a night's stay and enjoying the beauty of nature. If you're interested to contact the owner for bookings here's the link, Panorama Paradise.