Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Standing in the dark

Figuree 1: Sun-stars in the dark.
As I watched you from far away, I knew that things wouldn't get better. Your attitude is so poisonous that people around you hate to be with you or even have a decent conversation. You seemed so proactive while all the while you are not only slacking off but messing up with other people's job.

I can't help but notice that everything you do is for your own glory. Your deeds always have to point to yourself to dignify and state your point. After all, is it you who have been doing all the great things, or your ill mistreated subordinates under your dictatorship.

Everything you say is the best way and you never take other's opinion into consideration. Uneasy when looking at other people developing themselves or just taking their own time to enjoy. Maybe you've been too alone, or just too selfish. Or it's just me, standing in the dark with my deep and dark assumptions.

Figure 2: As I stare at the flames.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Figure 1: Elk-horn sunset.
Every time I see the sunset, I felt so happy that I manage to survive that day or survive the whole week. It is a blessing to still be able to breathe in the fresh air and shout out loud at the beach. When the world is reaching to an end, I am still able to hold on to what is important to me.

It is inevitable to understand or perceive the truth through own limited knowledge. The urge is there but the path is already clear to me. My doubts are gone and I fully trust in Him. No matter what others say, I have full justification in my heart. 

Figure 2: Massive and prominent.
These days are filled with greed and misleading facts. The days of truth and real agape intentions are gone in the hearts of people. Money is more important than kind spoken or deeds to help others. Everyone says, without money, the world won't turn around.

So elk-horn, please bear until the sun sets into the horizon. This is just for a little more time. Just a little bit and we're done.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Drifting away

Figure 1: Drift into the ocean. 
My memories are getting more and more faded away as time passes-by. It seems as if I am floating in an atmosphere filled with bubbles of memories popping away every second I breathe. It's hard to forget, but to experience a feeling long forgotten is pleasant.

Figure 2: Frozen river.
 When I forget something, I tend to look around for that certain something even though I have forgotten what is it. My mind is drifting away as if not focused and shifting from the norm. The thing is, I forgive and it takes time for me to forget. I may forget, but please do not remind me.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


My friend used to say, faith is such a strange thing. If that is so, then it means that to be faithful to someone is strange? That is something to ponder about, having faith makes you believe in something that isn't apparent or seen physically. How does faithful goes into that context?

Figure 1: Shining eyes.
Faithful means that one is steadfast and hold on to that one belief, thing, principle or person. It can come in a lot of form and ways, being faithful means that you will keep your promise and be there until the end no matter what is the outcome.

Figure 2: "She's the one" -Kiokie-.
People have always say that, real men stay faithful, or that loyal and faithful girls cry the most. Still, what strengthens you inside and out or spiritually and physically is faith and strong belief in God. This is where strong men and ladies are born with a strong core.

We do not know what tomorrow may bring, but we have faith that tomorrow will be better and there's always something we can improve. I can't emphasize more about faithfulness to God as if in the context of a loving couple, faithfulness is the key especially when far apart.

Figure 3: Blessed beautiful couple.
Falling once or twice is nothing to be crying about. Nor does winning once or twice in a battle something to brag about but constantly holding on without ado despite the storm and winter coming, that is something legendary.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Of buttons and knobs

Figure 1: Dials and switches.
I am first exposed to digital single lens reflex photography when I was in university. My girlfriend just both a new Sony Alpha 330 and I was psyched by that camera. During that time, I wasn't aware about my interest in photography, but it grows as soon as I touched the camera.

I started by using only the auto mode, as I didn't know what the P,A,S and M on the dials mean, everytime I dialed those settings in I was clueless as what to adjust and my photos are washed out. My girlfriend teaches me that M is the best way to learn and how to control the aperture, iso and shutter speed.

Not so long after that I learned to use M, and the fact that I couldn't select the AF point that I want for the camera annoys me. I soon find that going in to menus during shooting is really annoying and I missed a lot of moments by going into those menus.

After I finished my university, I decide to buy my own digital single lens reflex camera, and one of the most important features for me to shoot in M, is two control dials. The first camera I held with those type of controls is the Nikon D80 which is a very phenomenal camera. 

Ever since that, I always enjoyed Nikon upper level cameras which have two control dials to control both shutter speed and aperture. The iso button and also exposure compensation buttons are also within good reach. It is important to remember your controls as it may cause you to lose your photo.

I believe that the camera is a tool and is an extension of the photographer's self to capture images to the full potential of the camera's sensor. I superbly recommend those who are really interested in digital single lens reflex cameras to take these few points of control into consideration.

Canon's upper level cameras are also a joy to use, however with different dials and button placement, one should be better off choosing the system they want to shoot with. As for me, I enjoy using both Nikon and Canon digital single lens reflex cameras with those mentioned features.

Monday, October 21, 2013

A thousand smiles

Figure 1: View at the Tip of Borneo.
Last weekend was a blast, it is a great opportunity for me to get-away from my workplace just for a moment of rest. I am just like a pressure cooker ready to release the steam out at the right moment and I am glad I chose to leave the island just for the weekends.

Figure 2: Not so hi-key.
I admit that portrait photography is not my staple shots but I decided to do try it out with a few friends. I do not have much experience in shooting people and I have to admit that I myself do not know how to pose nor how to direct people to pose. I can say that I suck in posing.

Figure 3: Sweet smile.
For me, in the model point of view, most important is the eyes, facial expression and also pose. I am also not used to composition. For these portrait series, I am using the Canon 40mm f2.8 pancake lens coupled with the Canon 20D crop sensored camera. No flash and shoot all in RAW format.

Figure 4: Water is the essence of life.
However, during this trip I have the opportunity to photograph people in different situations both controlled and uncontrolled. I learn a few tips too on how to shoot portrait from my fellow friends, still with these results I believe I am still far-away and need to learn more.

Figure 5: Eyes of an angel.
Shooting outdoors it is important to see where the light is and where it is reflected. This so that harsh dark shadows which may cause the model's face to have dark patches which in some situations is quite desirable. As I am working without a flash and in uncontrolled environment, natural light placement is important.

Figure 6: Red riding hood.
My preferences for my images are that the white balance must be as neutral as possible reflecting the surroundings as much as possible. That is why I shoot in RAW and always calibrate my monitor to ensure it is as white as possible. This is my habit for my landscape photography.

Figure 7: A smile makes all the difference.
I am not so good in portrait photos composition, I always cut some of the limbs here and there and mess up my background. I need guidance from my fellow photographers in this and even in controlled situations I can't seem to get my compo right. I need help in this.

Figure 8: Beautiful lighting.
I enjoyed taking portraits after just focusing on landscape photography. There is a certain magic which makes photographing people special and that is why I believe that, this kind of photography have a certain something to my heart.

Figure 9: Waves and wind.
Here and there I always try to incorporate people into landscapes which is my number one photography path. It seems like adding people always introduce more colour and meaning to the images I take. I love to capture those beautiful smiles and put them in beautiful places.

Figure 9: She's a tough lady.
Taking pictures of people will show the personality and these pictures will speak out for themselves. Pictures of them will last and there is a special memory within those images which will spell a tale. I believe that this is the special something which makes people images pop out.

Figure 11: What a beautiful world.
Lastly, I am so happy to be able to have the opportunity to spend time with these beautiful individuals. I am sure that God has blessed each one of them with talent and most importantly His words. It has been quite a tiring but fruitful and enjoyable weekend. Looking forward for more. Thank God.

Figure 12: God is love.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Love of my life

Just a simple post today, can't write much with all those flu running and my body heat radiating. Not a comfortable feeling but I felt satisfied and happy.

I am so blessed to be able to see her again, it is indeed a fruitful weekend and full of fun and activities, I am still in the process of healing my self from the heatwave and get some rest.

Figure 1: Just you and me.
I would like to give credits to the photographer who took a picture of me with her. Will blog more soon after I have post-processed the images. Need to rest now, for work comes tomorrow.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art form

Figure 1: Life is a hike, it is never so easy.
Art is a very subjective matter and comes out in various different forms. Art is something that liberates the soul and is able to convey one's message out from the inside. There are lots of sources of arts all around us and it is up to us to appreciate and understand what is it all about.

Figure 2: House engulfed in nature.
Art is the expression of our creative imagination and skill which can be conveyed visually such as a drawing, painting, singing, poetry, sculpting and for me through photographs. I am still not good at instilling the true beauty or emotional power into the images.

Figure 3: My inspiration the seaside.
 I am still learning how to feel and transform.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No sun

Yesterday I missed a spectacular sun-set and am very disappointed as lately I have been very busy with work and almost every-time I got back, I am sure to miss the sunset. To miss something so spectacular is sad for me. It feels like missing your favorite tv episodes.

But today, I came across people going back with their cameras and gears told me its not going to be a spectacular sunset so it isn't worth bringing your camera. This is due to the strong winds which brings all the clouds and haze. Still, I persisted and brought it along with me.

It wasn't so spectacular at first, but as it sets, the yellow glow covers the whole sky. It was so dramatic as I drove home, I couldn't keep my eyes off the skies when I am supposed to be focusing on driving. So reckless of me. 

I cranked up the kit lens to 18mm and captured this shot just before I got home. I am pleased and very happy. Just by looking at the sunset, all my troubles goes away as I whisper a short prayer of thanks to God. 

Figure 1: Loving the sunsets.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Figure 1: Crisp images from the Nikkor 17-70mm. 
I have to admit that I love and enjoy landscape photography. It is my main activity on the island during my past-times. Whenever I am online, I would look at pictures from far away which are spectacular and very beautiful. It widens up my perspectives and encourages me to travel which I have yet to do.

I discovered my tendency to use the wide end of my lens instead of zooming in for the kill. Thus after sometime shooting with the Nikkor 17-70mm which is a sharp kit lens which I enjoyed using right until the tripod which I left, fall over and smashing the front element into the stony mud.

Before I did some research on ultra-wides which are available for APS-C sized sensors and asked my friends who owned these type of lenses on their opinions. My friend, Mr.Henry Lee strongly recommended me to get the Tokina. This company is famous for their ultra-wides.

Figure 2: Taken with the Tokina 12-24mm f4.
Ultra-wide angle lenses for APS-C sized sensors starts from 15mm below. Thus there are a few lenses from different manufacturers which are able to supply these type of lenses at different aperture openings. If it weren't for the zoom range, I would have chosen the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 which is phenomenal.

Since I need a new lens,  the Tokina 12-24mm f4 immediately comes into mind as I couldn't afford Nikkor's version of 12-24mm f4. So that lens is the lens which I used for most of my landscape photography. My version is very sharp at f4 and I usually use it at f8 for my application.

The build quality and feel of the lens is also great. The lens is internal focusing and zooms internally too. A very solid and smooth moving lenses. I bought mine second hand at a very reasonable price and never regretted the purchase. I like that it has the gold ring which is similar to Nikon's pro-line lenses.

Figure 3: Tokina 12-24mm f4.
That lens has been stuck into my Nikon D200 ever since I bought it. My next purchase will be the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 which will be for the Canon 20D but until the Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens fails I guess that will have to wait. For sure, if I get a good price and condition I'll always purchase second hand.


Figure 1: Focus in the positive outlook of life.
Mistakes are common in life, and most of the time, we let it pass and forget about it to only one day, repeat it again. No one is so perfect in this world that doesn't do any mistakes. Well, it is possible, if only you admit and realize your mistake. To do that, looks simple but application wise it is tough as a dough.

You will never realize a silly, unintended mistake unless someone pin-points it to you. It is really hard to actually tell some-one about their body odour or the volume intensity of their voice. The highlight of the mistake may vary and may ignite a spark of fire depending on the sender and receiver. 

Well, the sender might communicate it in a way, that may be calm yet not enough to catch our attention, or in an emotional way which can immediately catch our attention. And the receiver, has a choice of reaction too, depending on, if he accepts the message or not.

All in all, it takes courage and a lot of patience to accept and admit mistakes. It certainly shows our flaws and in most cases we have our pride and ego to brush off first before we can give a clear direction. Most of us tend to be over-defensive.

It takes more than brawn to accept and rectify mistakes, especially those carried over since small. Take time to realize, realization doesn't come immediately. If more than one people highlighted the same issue, I think it is worth the time to realize, analyze and admit the mistake.

A lot of small mistakes I have done in my life, anger management, life-style change, selfishness and lots of issues which makes my own body and other people around me, hates me for repeating the mistake every-day. I have to thank them, for without them, I wouldn't know it till I die.

As the saying by Bruce Lee goes, "mistakes are always forgive-able, if one has the courage to admit them". Life is great if we all understand each other and make amends for mistakes which hurts others. We aren't perfect beings but we can do our very best.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Something amiss

Figure 1: Sublime high tides.
It wasn't a happy day nor was it too sad a day. But today feels like something is missing and you know it when someone who was there but wasn't there in just a flash. Everyone will one day return to earth but for sure no one knows when.

Yesterday, I met him, he was smiling and his shift was just over, he was an aged man, filled with experience and was never reluctant to share it with those who asked. He was a jolly retiree still working at our plant and whenever it was his shift I would come-by and have a chat with him.

Today, I saw him, all wrapped up in white as the final prayers completed and burial proceeded. He was pale yet they said he was tough till the end. His heart failed him the second time and this time it isn't good. The first time doesn't changed his lifestyle and it happened not so long ago.

I felt that in life, you wouldn't know when it is your last breath, but that is no reason to do your very best in life, to understand people, and to bring hope and happiness. Most importantly is to smile and make others happy. Live a life full of hope, faith and love.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pa & Ma

This blog post is dedicated to the most special people in my life. They are the ones who brought me to life in this world and brought me up into the person I am now. I am so blessed by God, blessed to be able to know God and appreciate life the way other people couldn't because papa and mama taught me so.

Figure 1: Papa & Mama.
My parents are the most special people in the world. They are extra-ordinary people, who sacrificed time, energy, patience and passion just to take care of me and my siblings. I admit that I am born with a silver spoon in my mouth and that life starts easy for me.

My parents however, was born in the villages at my homeland and have to toil the soil with their parents (my grandparents) in order to earn a bowl of rice. Their lives were simple and hard. Education was a far cry away but papa's mom was the one who urged papa to further study.

Papa is a smart person, at a young age, he excelled in his studies and due to his mother's (grandma whom I never get to meet) sacrifice, papa was able to further his study. Papa's father (grandpa) was a hard person, who wanted papa to work in the fields, but grandma's vision was further away.

So, when I was born, papa has a vision for me, he never wanted me to feel the same experience that he gone through growing up. So, despite having a hard time teaching me and grooming me for the future, papa never gave up. Mama didn't gave up on me too, even though I was so hard headed.

Mama is also a very smart person, but mama never had the chance to continue studies. So, mama took care of me since I was small. I was so blessed to have mama in my life. Mama, taught me a lot of things, to take care of myself, to be wise and essentials to live.

But the most important thing mama and papa taught me is to never forget about God, the creator of all things. In life, I must never forget the little things and simple stories mama used to tell me when I was a baby, I must never forget the lessons she taught, from sewing to cooking and always be humble in life.

I love you mama and papa. Even though I am already older, I always need your guidance and care. I am sure blessed to be in the family with net, wina and dell. I hope to bring another special person to be your child by next year.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Figure 1: The rock of ages.
Living in this world, I find that this is the toughest thing to do, especially on the spot. I have to admit the me myself have trouble with this and this has caused my heart to rot in pain. Yet, forgiveness is the key to be free of all the worries, guilt and the pain inside your heart.

Figure 2: Forgiveness is divine.
I have a tendency to see people, deep in their heart what they feel and whenever they're hurt, I can tell from their made up smile. I can't do much, as I am just a small part of this vastly huge unexplored world. Sometimes I just look away and pretend to never look.

This made me sad because I felt the same way too.

The thing I really love about little children is how they play, fight and cry. Yet at the next moment still able to be the best of friends, forgetting totally the past. Forgiveness is divine and it is the only way to free yourself from all the hate and obsession of wanting to retaliate.

Figure 3: When I felt what you felt.
Last but not lease, forgiveness leads you to a path filled of peacefulness and as an example to others. There will come a time, when forgiveness is no longer common-place, that is where you will shine and shame their foolishness.

Remember, anger and resentment will not bring any good but forgiveness will make you live happier.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Figure 1: Sun starts to submerge through the clouds.
Yesterday's sunset is still today's joy. I was so excited to see and capture the sunset yesterday that, right after work, four thirty p.m sharp. I ran off from work and drove to the best place to watch the sunset which is the beach. I prepared my gear and waited for the moment to come.

Figure 1: Bright lights burning through the horizon.
For all I know it was worth it. There are people who sometimes say I am out of my mind chasing sunrises and sunsets but well, you can call me that for I am crazy about those sort of things. Still, I would like to share the images which I manage to capture. Credits all goes to God Almighty.

Figure 3: The burning sunset, I love it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shingeki No Kyojin

Figure 1: Mikasa, the No.1 junior ace.
I can't resist to blog about this anime which caught my attention when my brother told me to watch it after he uploaded the series into my hard-drive. Shingeki No Kyojin or translated as Attack on Titan is about humans struggles against mindless giants which roams the world.

Titans have then forced humans to retreat and seek protection againts three tall walls made of thick stone namely, Wall Maria, the outer wall, Wall Rose the middle wall and Wall Sina, the innermost wall. The humans doesn't know much about the titans whose sizes varies from about 3 to 15 meters tall.

These titans have a strong desire to devour humans and the only way to kill them is to cut really deep into their necks. Thus the humans developed the maneuver gear which allows the user to attack the titans three dimensional-y. Even with this tech, it seems that humans are still easy kill for the titans.

Shingeki No Kyojin main characters are Eren Yaeger, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their childhood friend Armin. The story begins after a gigantic Colossus Titan, about 60meters tall, which is taller than Wall Maria, kick through the main gate which leads to a series of catastrophic events.

This story shows the desperation of humans wanting to live, the suffering of being devoured by titans, the dissapointment of soldiers trying to strike for glory yet met with utter destruction and death. It is very different than most anime out there.

So, for those anime lovers out there, I fully recommend this series as it is very intriguing and has that moment of suspense. The images in this post are drawn by my brother, Figure 1 and my sister Figure 2. My siblings are seriously talented in drawing. By the way, my favorite character is Mikasa Ackerman. 

Figure 2: Jean, sacrificing his own sake.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Of windows and doors

Figure 1: Window of life.
"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the new one which has opened for us."

The quote above is stated by a very famous person, whom without we will not have the luxury of the telephone and a lot more modern advances. It proves that one of our natural human feelings which is regret, which causes us to lose focus in life.

It is understandable that life is full of challenges and not everyone can cope the same way for each and every challenging situations. Life isn't that fair but that is not an excuse to be used to argue. The fact that you still can do something about it, only thing is you have lost the will to do it.

There are people who can talk a lot and pour out a lot of ideas, and there are people who listens and do their work with patience. This is where the problem stems, when listeners do not appreciate their speaker and vice-versa. Things would be better if we can appreciate and understand each other.

When someone hurts you really bad, it is so tough to forgive them, especially if they did something with an irreversible effect. However, if you can't forgive that person, how can you feel free to ask forgiveness from God Almighty? Life is complicated but only through forgiveness can we be at peace.

Life is full of fake expectations which turns us into sad ugly monsters. When we can't win, we use hurting methods to get the better of others and win the competition. Winning is great but wining the dirty way, is not worth anything. No glory just fake filled emptiness.

So, what I want to express is that, life is too short to be miserable. Be happy, life live with a living hope that we can see each other once again. Hope, faith and love makes life worth the living. A simple life is better than a life filled with sky-high expectations that you cannot hope to possibly achieve.