Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It has been sometime that I've left this blog, luckily I found it back and I would want to dust the cover out to continue.

Figure 1: Reflections of Black & White.
This feeling, which I have kept isolated in myself burst out today. I can't stand it anymore, I felt so hurt and alone. Always tried my best to be positive and cope with the stress given to my heart. 

Inside, forced change is making me into someone different. Not knowing the side-effects of changing myself with force, I am thrown into a deep confusion. I was never accepted and always criticized for  my weakness.

Sometimes I don't know what I did wrong, all that I asked for is a little bit of myself. To be longed, to be cared for and wanted for the person I am. Still, that is not the case, I kept hurting and hurting without ever the chance to be alone.

I am dying, deep inside. Trying my best to hold myself together despite the storm raging in my heart. I am so depressed and insecure. I wish I have a remedy for this. I wanted to cry my heart out, but the tears failed to flow for my heart has grown cold as ice.