Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pimped up 80s..

After a long time not blogging about my soles collectibles, there's a design which caught my eyes. In blue and in a shoe design which I have been a classic and a favorite comfortable design the Superstar 80s. This is my all year round favorite Adidas classic model.

Adidas Originals by Originals by Kazuki Kuraishi x KZK Clot Superstar 80s

Figure 1: An Originals by Originals in blue.
The picture above in figure 1 is a picture courtesy by CROSSOVER, one of my favorite stores to go when I am around the area. This pair of Superstar 80s is has blue mesh body and the contrasty shoe laces that go with it. I have yet to check it out and feel it in my hands till then CROSSOVER.

I am particular with releases made by Adidas Originals with the designer Kazuki Kuraishi. Kazuki is a Japanese fashion designer who sees through street wear as something special and infuses these old Adidas Classics with premium materials and creativity.

A few soles has entered my collectibles but I have not the time to review and produce pictures of it. Hopefully soon if time and schedule permits. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday after work, my friend bugged me into the idea of him interested to get a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera. I was happy to talk with him about it since I am in love with photography not so much with the technology involved with photography. So, I asked him what's lacking with your point and shoot?

That question basically check-mated him as if he was playing chess with me. It took him like minutes of shutdown before he gave me a long and non-consistent list of answers. I don't need him to convince me, but rather I doubt if he was really into photography or only just poisoned by the trend of having a DSLR.

Still I accompanied him to town just to check out some of the latest DSLRs available. Well, he was very knowledgeable regarding each of the camera's specifications as well as image quality aka noise. Still, I am not sure what is really in DSLRs that made him go for it besides technical sides.

For me, I love photography but it didn't click when I was holding a point and shoot, I don't like looking at screen and framing at once to capture a moment. For me live-view is useful only if I shoot video which I really don't enjoy or taking shots using a tripod and perspective from the ground.

Still, I prefer the viewfinder. I prefer to get down on the ground myself just to get that shot instead of looking into the live-view screen. When I frame the picture through the viewfinder, it feels like I get what I wanted just like what I imagined it to be. That is why viewfinder size, clarity and brightness in a camera is important for me. 

Next would be the controls, to get the correct exposure as well as let in the amount of light I want in to the camera sensor, I must be able to control, the camera's shutter speed, the film speed and also the opening of the lens. So, a DSLR camera of my preference should have two control dials.

Ergonomics is truly important for me, so the grip should be comfortable to hold, not too small, not too thick but it should allow a firm grip. Buttons placement not too much and arranged in a proper way for easy reach. Shouldn't be too small either.

For those who hate the bulk of a DSLR shouldn't even think of buying one, as DSLRs are bulky and quite heavy once lenses are mounted. So, just walk-away and pick one of those smaller mirrorless cameras which can also provide excellent image quality.

A big plus for shooting using a DSLR are interchangeable lenses, but pick only lenses which you will definitely use most of the time. Lenses aren't cheap especially if you are using more than one camera system. I am using two currently and I really-really need to have 100 reasons before buying another lens.

So, there are a lot of consideration to take in a DSLR, as it is considered as an expensive investment especially if you aren't making money out of it. As a enthusiast photographer as I am, I'll just worry less about getting the latest tech-savvy camera out there, but pick one, with the best value for money and go all out on it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

So Far Away..

No matter how warm I felt, no matter how comfortable I am in my comfort zone, I always step out and prefer to face it out alone. I explore life being away and far away from the people I love, I loved so much but I miss so little, that is how cold and hard I am.

I always calculate my risks and take it without notice, I rejected offers just to be close, as a master student, as a college lecturer, just to be so far away. To a place requiring immigrant passport just to work and live, but hey, so far away isn't so bad.

I am me, you are you, thank you for missing me so bad, but these are my dreams till I finally make my call and decide to settle down which is still far away into the future. If you are truly the one for me, wait, be patient and I'll give bring your wedding ring.

Preparing myself to be a better person is not a simple task, it is a goal which I take seriously, just for you to be proud of me, so while I am far away, I hope you do try your best too. Not for me but for your future and if you finally decide on me, its for us.

So while I am so far away from you, I'll pray for you and me.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pieces of the Past

I used to receive several love letters when I was in high school, it was usually passed on by some of my closer girlfriends, some of the letters were crummy, some mushy and others just yucky. I never bothered to give a reply and when pushed by my friends, I say prefer to meet up, but none dared showed up.

During Valentine's day there's always that anonymous chocolates which keeps reaching my table. Which I was glad to share it with my best boyfriends, they were quite envious not to receive any but my sharing made them forget all about it. We used to punch each other up and being envious is something small.

My first love is a very pretty girl which I saw in her an integrity and strength of a prefect, well, through my immature and inexperienced googles, I approached her and proposed to be closer, and without hesitation she accepted. As school ends and we part ways to study, I gave my everything but it never lasted.

I had my googles thrown and my eyes laser repaired at iklasik.  I truly saw after that, looks like my googles were truly defective. I never trusted any girls closer and always kept a safe distance.

Just some pieces that made me remember what made me the person I am now, guess that holding on to my principles is far more important than to just blindly trust feelings. I am that kind of person, not changing, not wavering until the other party surrenders and put up the white flag.

Friday, June 22, 2012

More than I can be

The weather has been harsh these few weeks at work, hot, stormy and suddenly cold then hot again. Things has been quite peaceful at work after a successful project so I am just in charge in ensuring the operation is going on smoothly.

During the period of the project which I am really stressed out, there are times which I felt that the problems are so endless that there's no where of fixing it or even around it. It feels like a huge mountain toppled up on me and the weight of it is just immense.

I persevere and pushed on even when it is all dark in there and hope seems so dim. There's just no sign of ever finishing up successfully. The burden is too hard and complicated. So I prioritized and organized myself, slowly. Rise up and pick up those little pieces to patch it one by one.

Even without anything to boost my confidence, I just pushed on and have faith. This kind of faith gave me the strength to do things which I never believe I could ever achieve. In the end, with God's assistance, all is well and I worried and got stressed for nothing.

Praise my living God.
Figure 1: Ray of hope.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Day

During my last break for Harvest Festival, I did manage to attend a wedding, I barely did as I have my hands full with other activities. It was my cousin's wedding and as I am around this is an opportunity to see her on her grand day.

The wedding is held at a church located in Ranau, a town which is located really close to Mount Kinabalu and as I said, I barely manage to get there in time for the church reception. Thank God, I managed after a steep mountain climb using my trusty 4x4.
Figure 1: Her beautiful wedding dress.
The weather is so-so, with mists here and there, but the event speaks warmth and unity. As I walked into the church, the aura is serene and very pious with church tradition. I quickly grabbed my Canon and went up front to capture that moment, special moment.
Figure 2: Happy smile.
My cousin is the highlight of the day, with her beautiful wedding dress, she smiled through out the church session as the Father, blessed the newly wedded couple. That is the most beautiful I saw her, especially when she smiled, as I remembered only seeing her like about 10 years ago.
Figure 3: The love of her life.
I was so blessed to see her husband and her unite even after such a long time not seeing each other, the smile she gave me was a blessing. She's two years younger than me, and she asked me when's my turn. I responded, maybe a few more years, as I am still not ready and just started a serious relation ship.

Oh God.. Slow me.. Will that time ever comes..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What I've doing so far..

Figure 1: Green and peaceful.
Missed blogging so much, feels reconnected to the blogging world once I reached my workplace. Going back to my roots, my homeland, I felt so warm and happy there. I used every possible time and capture every moment possible while I was back.

I met all my friends, university and mutual friends alike. I missed thier jokes, smiles and especially their company. Went as many places as I can during the long duration of time which I considered very short. I can't express my happiness when family and friends are around me.
Figure 2: My favorite Unduk Ngadau contestant.
The hole in my heart is filled when I confessed my true feelings to her, and she accepted, even though the distance apart, she seems to always have me in mind. I was always doubting and my heart is never calm when I was miles apart. Still she never faltered, so shame on me.

Figure 3: Unduk Ngadau contestants.
My homeland is filled with colors and tons of culture, as part of the land, I attended in a festival which was greatly revered by my people. This festival is known as the Harvest Festival or Kaamatan. I am so glad to be able to capture the moment of tradition. There's the singing competition which is known as the "Sugandoi" and the beauty queen competition or known as the "Unduk Ngadau".

Despite it all, the food was too great and too much that I can't stop eating. Unfortunately I gained weight and now that I'm back to work, people are a bit shock to see me slightly plumper. Bad for my image. A lot more to share but till then. I'll keep on writing...