Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reminiscing 2013: 1st photo

The first photo I would like to share on the year 2014 is among my most favorite photo for last year. It is my future wife's photo looking out of the window. I took this photo while she was attentively looking out of the window. Her expression as well as pose makes me fall in love.

Figure 1: Looking outside.
This year 2014, I am going to propose and marry her. I look forward to that fateful day. I am still nervous about moving up to the next phase in life, but I know that together with her, she'll complete my lacking and I hope to be the best partner for her.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cat like

Cats are adorable creatures, I am exposed to household cats since I was a little boy and have lots of experience with it. Some are enjoyable and some are sad experience of getting clawed at, even bitten. Still, cats are nice to touch and are cute when snuggled between my legs for a nap.

Figure 1: Playful cat.
People say that cats have nine lives. I really believe in it. I have seen cats take the leap of faith, and ended up falling from such great height but still manage to survive the fall. Cats which have fall down into the depths of the river, yet manage to save itself from the calamity.

Figure 2: Nose focus.

Cats like dogs, have a certain connection to human and can live together in a household. I especially like cats which can catch mice though but nevertheless despite their smelly manure, cats makes nice pets. Especially if you have those beautiful breeds, given they don't bite and scratch. 

Figure 3: Always eyeing the prey.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mi sunset

Figure 1: Reddishness of the sunset.

It has been raining almost everyday of the weeks of December, and now going to the end of this month, I was looking forward for some night cycling but due to the unpredictable weather it has never materialize. Thus every other evenings before the sun sets, I cycle for a bit.

However, last Friday, I was cycling around and looked at the sky with its tiny little clouds hovering, the storm clouds are faraway and the sun looks clear and a yellowish light engulfs the horizon. I was excited to finish my ride and continue with shooting the sunset.

And, wallah, these are the shots that I managed to get. I was so glad to be able to settle down for the beautiful sunset shot just close to the island's runaway. For me, it is a shot worth waiting, rushing and capturing.

Figure 2: Steaks of light.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Figure 1: Lone moon.
I am quite forgiving as a person. I can tolerate others when I am at work or outside but there's one matter which is very sensitive to me. I cannot tolerate living for a long time with other people who I am not close with and have habits which I dislike. Meaning to say, not my close family members or my spouse.

It is a behavior that has developed in me since I was small, I was encourage never to stay at other people's place, despite it being my friend's house. So it is natural for me, to stay home with my family as I have lived since I am small. When I entered university that is where the problems arises.

I cannot tolerate my room mates making noise when I am sleeping at night. I don't mind when its day time, but I really cannot stand it. So, my anger gets to my head and things came crashing without me realizing it. Next day, no one dared to make much noise when I sleep.

So, now that I am working, I do not want to live in a house sharing with other people. I dislike having to tolerate other's whom I am not acquainted in a home setting. I don't mind after stepping out of my home, but where I sleep, rest, and spent the rest of my time in privacy, I do not wished to be disturbed.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Running nose

Figure 1: After-math of the sunset.
Have been really busy these few weeks, preparing and coping with daily problems at the work place. It is really stressful for me, especially human handling but I have to live with it and do the best I can. So, today, I finally have decent time to capture the beautiful sunset.

This takes away the stress inside of me and give me hope for a better tomorrow. I am indeed blessed. I need to rest early, can't blog too much. Too tired and weak as I have contracted winter cold. My nose is runny and I keep on sneezing. Good night.

Figure 2: Perfect sunset after weeks.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Manual focus

I used to enjoy fine tuning my focus on the camera. Especially, when I first learned how to use a DSLR, I heavily manual focus. However, recently, my eyes seem to have a tough time discerning the focus, especially on my optical viewfinder and when using large aperture lenses. 

Manual focusing can be fun, but it is also time consuming especially if you're not used to using manual focus lenses. The best manual focusing lenses have a very smooth and solid feeling when using the focus rings. This allows for accurate and quite speedy focusing.

Manual focusing is especially useful in low-light, this is where, this technique shines. However, for me, I still find it quite tough because of my sights. I prefer the use of autofocus which is very good in modern DSLRs and unless pressed, I will stick to auto-focus.

So, goodbye to manual focus lenses for now. I am all automatic.

Figure 1: Large aperture MF lenses.


It's been quite an eventful week for me, filled with work and un-pleasantries. It is quite challenging for me, especially when dealing with people. It is really tiresome when you have to blast out all your energy just to get disappointed at and blamed.

I am feeling the stress and heat especially as I am the person squeezed in between. It really feels being squeezed and mushed in a large pressure cooker. Well, at least I managed to live it up for the past week. I really appreciate the weekends.

I need to find something to color up my life. Maybe this isn't my passion and not the field that I want to progress in. Or maybe it is the culture of the workplace that is dragging me down everyday. I need to invest in my passions. Sooner or later.

Figure 1: It's been so dull.

Monday, December 9, 2013

20 best photos of the year 2013

Dear all,

I will be joining top 20 photos of 2013 which is hosted by Mr.Duncan, who is an avid blogger at *The KUANTAN blog* . As I have been learning photography since early of the year, I am always seeking to improve myself through learning photo composition, camera settings as well as capturing the moment at the right time. 

It is tough, but along the way of learning I discovered that I am actually passionate in photography. Thus, I would like to share what is to me among the best photos for this year 2013, next year starting from the 1st of January 2014 till the 20th with a photo each day.

For those reading this and have great interest in photography, you are also invited to join in the fun at the link below, 

Registration for Top 20 photos for 2013

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Best regards,


Figure 1: One day, she will come.
Once again, I want to talk about patience. Is there a significant benefit to be patient and wait on something which is likely or not likely to happen? It all depends on your perspective and attitude. For me, if it is worth it and once in a lifetime opportunity, then why not wait for it.

Patience is a virtue, as stated by a lot of wise men. However, patience doesn't mean just waiting for it to come without self doing anything. Well, if you're waiting patiently for that opportunity but am being idle, that is indeed a waste of time and energy.

You may be waiting for that special someone, or a better opportunity else where, so this is where you can do some research and try experimenting with something new. Who knows what may come, so best be prepared for it rather than be in a state of shock.

With that amount of time spent, you can do your best at your current situation while waiting for that opportunity to come. By the time the opportunity comes, you are ready and in your best state to grab it and surge forward in life. Patience is the essence of success. 

Figure 2: Sometimes it is worth it, sometimes not.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Night sky

It's raining today, droplets poured and I missed out a very beautiful sunset because I have leg cramps. Oh well, I am complaining so much despite being lazy to actually get out and grab the shot. However, last night I was out cycling and the skies are so beautiful and clear.

Figure 1: Starry night.
I could just scream out loud and hope that my sound-waves reaches the skies but I know that will be just in vain. Just looking up into the skies makes me psyched and feeling excited despite my legs pushing its limits. I am heavy and cycling in the cold dark night is new to me.

Figure 2: The clouds engulfing the skies.
43 kilometers of road rage and finally I'm home, that's about 3 hours of cycling and the time ticks at 0030 early morn. I think I have my calling and I enjoyed this sport of mine. For the sake of excitement and exercise, I declare that I just love cycling at night.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Figure 1: Bottled sunset.
Our world is getting more and more polluted as time passes by. Trees are getting chopped down one after another to house human modernization. Stress at work is getting worse due to the selfishness of man, wanting more than what is already been provided.

Once, God gave a huge responsibility to mankind, to take care of the earth and toil its soil in order to sustain. However, the opposite happened and now, due to greed, most of the world's precious resources is now been harvested. One day, it will all be gone.

Just like the platypus, just like the javanese rhinoceros, all will be extinct and rare. Even though, its just one bottle, bottles will never degrade up to like 400-500 years. Marine life can get killed by all those plastic bags and strings. 

Still, it hurts just to think about it and unable to do anything much.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Little secret

Figure 1: Whispers secrets.
If it's a poem, let this be one from a girl to a boy she loves..

With the sun far out on the horizon,
It's a nice weather to spend the day,
So sit close to me in this beautiful garden,
Just you and me to pass the time by.

Close to you feels like a little heaven,
Hear me out and listen closely,
Smile and don't be craven,
I'll whisper it secretly.

As far as there is perfection,
There will be always be flaws,
But I know that deep within,
You'll be the best always.

Just a little poem to keep calm and always stay creative.

Figure 2: The couple.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tokina Japan

I would like to share the lens that I used for all my landscaping images on my Nikon D200. This is the only lens I would like need for all my landscapes if I can only have one lens. It is quite sharp at f4, but stop it down to f8-f11 it is really sharp. 

Figure 1: My wide angle lens.
Most people complained about flaring with the Tokina, fortunately, unless it is really direct to the sun, the Tokina doesn't generate much flare at all. If I put on the hood, the contrast of the images improves in bright sunny days.

Figure 2: Aspherical element inside.
This lens has a 77mm front element which matches most of the more expensive lenses. It is well built and it is really quite an affordable lens if you're interested in wide angle photography. This lens has a clutch type autofocus mechanism which is easy to engage when I want to manual focus.

Figure 3: 77mm filter thread.
If I have more money, the next lens I want to have for my crop sensor camera is the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 which is a very sharp lens, well built and also affordable. Still, sooner or later, I have to upgrade my body too.

Figure 4: Tokina 12-24mm f4.
Still I wish there are more respectable ultra wides out there in the market, as far as I know, Tokinas are the best in the aftermarket brand. It even beats up Nikon's own crop sensored ultra wides in terms of sharpness. Most important is it is affordable for all enthusiasts like me.  


Figure 1: Horizon stretched in red.
Checkered clouds, just leaving the horizon, leaving a red tinge of red. It's December now, and the storm clouds are everywhere, times to capture the glorious sunset is getting rarer each day. I want to do something different soon and very soon, to go forward and pursue my passions. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Freeze action

In landscape photography, it is crucial to capture the moment, movement as well as the feeling during the scene. My most captured scenes are of course, sunrise and sunsets which I love to capture due to the beautiful colors it produces. The golden hours are my most favorite time of the day.

Figure 1: Motion subtly frozen.
In work, action is required in order to put the plan into motion. While words are equally important for communication, without the necessary actions, no work can be produced. That is why, action speak louder than words. It is the culture of pro-active action which defines one's performance.

Everyone sees action, in my photography, I always want to freeze it up and frame it in a photo, however, in order to add motion and action, one needs to use slow shutter in order to capture the rustling of the grass, trees and flow of the river or waves. 

In order to do that, it is important to support your camera using a sturdy tripod and for longer exposures, to use shutter release in order to minimize shake and maintain the sharpness of your images. This requires practice over and over again. 

Figure 2: Sprayed water of different velocities.
All in all, action freezing using the correct technique to tell the story is indeed challenging but I'll do my best. 

Finally a sunrise

I was so tired, working through out the whole week, that I wanted to relax and rest through out the weekends. So, waking up early is a feat not easily done especially when I am so tired. Still, before I sleep, I dial in 5.30AM into my alarm clock. I slept quite early in hopes that I can wake up for a beautiful sunrise.

The alarm indeed woke me up after a few loud rings. Heavy headed I went huddling to the bathroom to wash my face, it was still quite dark and I wasn't able to predict the weather. I went out anyway to Papayas Lodge beach in hopes of a great sunrise.

Figure 1: Stranded ferry at Papaya beach.
Figure 2: Fisherman prepping their boats.

Figure 3: Preparing their motors.

Figure 4: Finally it's dawn.
With the cresent moon up above in the skies, the tides are considerably high. The skies far on the horizons are quite cloudy, still enough for the yellow-reddish light rays of the dawn to strike up into the skies. I am quite pleased with this effect and the cool air is just the best.

The fisher men woke up early in the morn, in order to go out into the sea to catch fish for their daily income. I am fortunate to only work five days a week and have the rest of the two days to myself. I can rest to my pleasure and be recharged for the next week. 

Thank God that I am still able to perform my work and still be able to enjoy the beauty of His Creation.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunset fun

When three siblings wade in the beach, they played the whole evening, right until the sun starts to set. Even though father kept calling them back to go home, they are reluctant to do so, as they're having so much fun that they don't realize that it will be dark soon.

The youngest of the three siblings, rushed back obediently as father called them back home, the older, naughtier siblings continue playing until the sun finally sets on the almost cloudless horizon. It is a beautiful day indeed. A sunset filled with fun and laughter.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The days are gloomy and cloudy but everytime I went to this part of the island I met snowy. Snowy, a self-made name, is a very curious and friendly dog. The first time I encountered snowy, it was already quite dark and the winds are strong. 

Snowy went so close to me that I was quite shocked that something white and warm licked at my legs. I nearly jumped up and knocked my tripod over. All I see is a cute furry white dog, curiously wagging its tail, wondering what I am doing.

I wanted a dog, for a very long time already but I have promised to myself, never get too attached to a pet. I am a very soft person in the inside. This is an inherent weakness which causes me to miss that pet so much that I can have a painful heart for quite sometime if I had a loss.

Ever since, I decide to stay away and never dared to get attached emotionally to a pet. Snowy ohh snowy, how I wished we're friends.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


When I first learn to jump, I was so excited that I jumped the whole day, I was so excited at the fact that  I can reach up further. Then there's that feeling when you're lifted from the ground for that short moment of time. Almost feel like you're flying.

I haven't been jumping much now, I guess I have lost the thrill. Still I find that by jumping you're training your legs muscle and it is actually beneficial to jump. It is quite tiring exercise as you are exerting your muscles to lift your whole body up into the air.

Above are a few images of friends enjoying their jump, while I enjoy looking at their expressions, jumping with joy not only stimulates your muscles but also pumps in those good positive energy inside your body, which I believe can reduce stress and is a form of pain reliever for those suffering pain in the inside.

So jump, be the best you can be and shine. Life is full of challenges that can bring you down and make you so sad that you refuse to be happy. Why not put that extra effort to jump, scream and release all that tension inside of you. Life is a beautiful walk, especially with God by your side.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Respect the elderly

Figure 1: Family is important.
It is well known in my culture that we must always respect the elderly especially our parents. Since small, we are taught to respect and serve, but this culture is slowly diminishing as our country gets more and more modernized.

When I was growing up, I was a very rebellious teen who always disagrees with what my parents have to say. Recklessly, I always followed my own decision and I learned it the hard way. So it is always the best to follow those who have lived longer than you do.

I talked to my department's secretary and she expressed her fear of being sent to the old folks home when she gets older. She even tells me her experience going to an old folks home. An old woman at the old folks home has all the pictures of her successful children and tell great tales about them. But the secretary says, "where are your children now, when you needed them the most".

I've always kept this to myself, If I ever grow old, I hope that I will be healthy and prefer not to be a burden to others. If I am sick mentally or physically, I prefer a quick path to my long rest so that I will not be sent away to some crazy loco facility.

Despite everything, respect the elders, and our parents. They have cared for us since we're small and now its our turn to do our best for them, they may turn into babies and sometimes forgetful that we have to repeat again and again, but remember the times when we're just babies.

Figure 2: Despite the strife, respect them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The best

I have always believed in trying my very best, even until the end of the show. Is life a show? I believe that life is more than that. That is why I always do my very best in everything, even though I lose heart, I still force myself to the limit so that I show my very best till the end and walk the talk.

I know that words plays a very important role in communicating our intentions as well as letting others know and be informed. However, words are empty if it is only spoken without anything that moves. So with words, actions must be prevalent in order for it to be relevant.

Every now and then, I am discourage by words of others, letting me down and pushing me away. Still deep in my heart, I persist that they may not meant all those mean things and I believe that I can do something to make it better. I knew that I have to do my best despite it all.

Figure 1: Once in a while I met the Phoenix.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Impending storm

Figure 1: Storm clouds approaching.
The news is plagued with typhoon Haiyan which is causing destruction at Phillipines. A storm which covers such a large area causing havoc and pulling out lives from people. Winds as fast as most sport cars can go 250km/h, the winds feels like you're standing in front of a gas turbine outlet at full revs.

Figure 2: Storm clouds approaching fast.
This infamous typhoon also affects my homeland as well as the island that I am staying, sudden winds can come and go with heavy torrential rain following after. It is quite scary to be suddenly surrounded by large dark clouds which burst out in fury.

Figure 3: Swept away.
Looks like there will be limited opportunities for a great sunset these days.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mere excuses

Figure 1: No excuses for sunsets.
I am full of excuses, I have been making excuses here and there to avoid doing things that I don't enjoy. I am so good at making excuses and able to convince others to accept my excuses that I tend to slack off from my studies and also responsibilities.

One day, I woke up one day, feeling so hurt by some excuses made by another, a promise made to me was broken by a simple excuse which cost me hurtful experience. I found that that simple excuse is used to cover a broken promise. An excuse can be a lame white lie.

Ever since then, I tend to do my best not to make non-factual excuse just to escape my responsibilities and have the easy way out. I know that one of those excuses will hurt those who I hold important to me, most of the time, when I wasn't even realizing it. 

I want to simply do my best, to avoid all those lame excuses. Even though the process will be tough, I know I will learn and persevere despite the turbulent challenges. I will never make mere excuses again, for I have experienced the painful way.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh my sunset

Ever since the typhoon Haiyan hit the Phillipines, it has been raining and the horizon is filled with clouds. I missed my sunset but the people at Phillipines are suffering due to this storm and this is so sad. It is evident that the end of ages is here and now.

Still, I missed that bright orange light which comes early in the morning at dawn and also during the sunset. The weather and time doesn't permits me to shoot and this creates stress for me. As opportunities loss due to working and only coming out when the lights are so spectacular.

This is just a little thing to be a fuss about, while at other places people are terrified due to the wrath of nature. Soon and very soon, the true king will come. No one knows, as He will come like a thief and all in a sudden, the bright lights will either scare me or I'll open my arms to welcome Him.

I have faith, but its fading away, due to the clouds, the storms but I am patiently waiting for your light in this darkness.

Figure 1: Storm is approaching.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little blessings

Figure 1: Crystal droplets.
The little things that we pass by every single day are the ones we always missed out. At least I did, I always missed those spectacular sunsets which people care less about. I am so focused on living a life that I just bypassed all those tiny things which are just working their best to get noticed.

We tend to focus on big things with high expectations only to be sad because we couldn't achieve it. We fail to see the little blessings which is given daily by God. It is human nature to want things even though we have enough. Sometimes it is the little things that we have that can make us happy.

I don't know what's the fuss about getting expensive trinkets and following latest trend. If this fever catches you, you will never know when to stop. Especially when what we have is enough but we do not appreciate it. We are considered very fortunate and only if we take time to realize this will make us more happier.

So look closely and try to appreciate every little blessing in life. It is through little things we can learn to be happy and appreciate. Doing this doesn't mean you're complacent with the state you're in, but it means that for everything you work hard for, you take time to enjoy it. God bless.

Figure 2: The ladybird.