Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hazed Horizon

Due to the haze, I haven't been getting nice sunrise and sunset photos lately. This is due to the fact, the island I am on now is attacked by haze from the peninsular winds. There has been heavy burning at Sumatra, Indonesia which causes heavy amount of poisonous haze to attack my country.
Figure 1: The sea shore.
So as an alternative to the unattractive scene, I decide to take long exposure photos and convert them to black and white. The smoothness of the sea in long exposure is mated with the sandy beach is quite a good contrast. I wish I had a big stopper though, so that I can really make the sea smoother and cloudier.

Figure 2: Still experimenting with B&W.
The haze has also been affecting my health and the people around me, I was lucky that I am not around the Peninsular areas of my country which are heavily affected by the haze. Some say that the haze is something caused by property owners who are saving cost of cleaning up large areas of land. Some say it is intentional.
Figure 3: Sandy transition into the sea.

The haze really make the visibility bad and a lot of accidents have happen since that. I need to be really careful too as not to be involve in an accident. Now the amount of haze is lessening and it rains now and then, so I hope for a better weather soon enough.

Figure 4: Smooth-en out sea in B&W.


I was down with the sickness these few days, it started on Thursday, guess the air and ever changing weather has something to do with it. I first caught sore-throat, which I remedied with warm drinks and lots of water. I even made myself some lime drink, which was very sour to my taste due to no sugar.
Figure 1: Broccoli, my favorite vegetable. 
On Friday, my sore-throat miraculously cured and I was over-joyed when my tongue started to feel food again, however during the afternoon, suddenly my nose starts to itch and I can't stop sneezing till my nose got red. Even my vision felt so fuzzy and I couldn't concentrate doing my work.

The severity of the sickness escalated on Saturday, I rested more than 8 hours, if I don't I know the running nose wouldn't stop and I will be suffering more. So I forced myself to rest and when I woke up, I find myself feeling slightly better, with fever and heavy headed.

Figure 2: From the left, activated charcoal, table salt and olive oil.
Sunday morning, I still felt groggy. The night before, I drank a glass of  water mixed with a spoon of activated charcoal, which I believe will cleanse my body. I rested half of the day, and on the evening I eventually felt better and am ready for the new week of work. 

Through out the whole ordeal I didn't want to show any weaknesses and continued to do my work. I felt that I need to be strong despite the sickness inside of me or if any strong challenges I face. I know I will prevail with prayer and trust in God.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life is so eventful, but a life spent together is the best

I've been busy going here and there, busy with work commitments and all but of all the best experience I've been are weddings. These moments in life, preferably only once in a lifetime is a very precious and shared moment between two individuals, man and woman to be as one.

Figure 1: My cousin's wedding.
When I got back to homeland, at first I am in for only three weddings in which I am willing to capture the moment for them, however this rose up to another additional seven weddings which I am not expecting to capture. Still I accepted the offer and proceed.

Figure 3: Someone I really respect got married.
A beautifully captured wedding is a moment sealed in a picture which lasts forever. So, for me, I would want perfect wedding photographs which portrays the joy, happiness and celebration of the wedding itself. This is a very important event for two different individuals and their respective families.

Figure 3: Met when they were doing God's work.
When one gets married, you are ready to spend your life with that other person and walk through the path of life together as one. Men cannot live without their female counterparts, the same goes for the opposite. No matter the age or where you are, if you're destined by God to be together, then get married!!

God bless these newly wedded couples..