Monday, January 31, 2011

Night Fun

Figure 1: Hangout at the beach, luckily there's no addition to the pic.
To me, fun is doing enjoyable activities, not alone but with a circle group of friends. Fun activities may or may not involve risks but I prefer some, as in river rafting or mountain climbing which bring some thrill fun. However, being able to have a fun but relaxing activity such as eating, karaokeing and just hanging out at the beach is also fun for someone like me.

Well, time isn't always of the essence, but sometimes, we must have fun no matter what the consequences are, and of course those consequences shouldn't be too harsh as there should be time to work and time to play. I personally believe that no matter what your age is, fun should be shared together with and there is no limit towards having fun.
Figure 2: Karaoke time, fun time.
When fun gets limited, that's where it will start to be boring and then, its time to move on for a better thrill, this as I stated earlier is only applicable to activities. So, recently I had fun, going out with a bunch of friends with different background. I also manage to meet a friend whom I only met online, and even though it's a little awkward, but it was a good hangout.

Lastime, my night fun are usually not in accordance to what my religion requires, I am not strong in faith as I am now so, without alcohol, smoke and all those drugs which can cause danger to oneself. All those addiction which were fun to young people are really not fun at all once you've known the truth behind it all. So having fun definitely have limits which always depends on that individual and his principle and beliefs.

Still, in all our fun activities, let us not forget about God, for we wouldn't know when those fun activities will end.

Figure 2: Night lights during hangout time.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random poems

Life is hard especially faced alone,
With another it is a gift divine,
Facing the world is tough to imagine,
As it is as real and ever fantastic as life,

Dreaming is a way to release,
Every single tension pouring out,
As though there is no haste,
When searching for the truth,

Love is lasting and everlasting,
Times may be hard and challenging,
Still face each one with truth and trusting,
For love never fails but imperfections is always existing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Never alone

Figure 1: Friends in Christ.
Friends are friends important, no matter where we are, friends are always an important circle to maintain. I am a very selective person, and prefers to hang out with people with similar interests. However, as I broadened up my horizons, hanging out with only selectives would make your thinking secular and without diversity.

I changed that part of me and without choosing, I find that I have more friends who, despite our differences enjoy each other's company. Time is limited and I can't possible hang out with everyone possible but life has special ways of dividing time. Still, life is extremely boring if it is only lived by yourself.

A part of me is changing, selflessness is leaving me, I feel more warm when others care for me, and of course in return I care and loved them. Beautiful things happen the moment you started to care, and even more beautiful when we don't expect anything in return.
Figure 2: BBQ time with friends.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Child..

Figure 1: My little cousin, Jonathan and baby Jovenson.
A child is a stage in life which everyone has been through, some never passed that stage, maybe died under certain circumstances. Still I managed to survive that certain point of life, thanks to God. I still remember some of remnants of memories in my mind as a child.

I used to be a very naughty and ignorant one, who always doesn't listen to my parents. I remember my mum used to force me to brush my teeth, which I never liked as a child. My mum get fed up and eventually I was happy I didn't get to brush anymore. But eventually, my teeth got bad, and I cried the whole way to the dentist, and got my teeth pulled out.

I learn a great deal of things the hard way as a child, my mum say, don't touch the kettle, but i just ignored it and touch, which ends up with me crying of course as it was a great deal of pain to me. I also remembered playing with a stapler, which is fun to staple on tables, paper, rubber and I got bored and wonder how does it feels stapling my thumb. I did it without much thinking and you know what happens next.

Being a child, in my family means a lot as I am the first child, but when my sister is around I always remember being always jealous and wanting to take all the things she has. Well, being a child is not really innocent, as I keep doing a lot of annoying things which always gets me into trouble. As the eldest child, anything goes wrong, I'll have the cane instead of my sister, well that's life.

As a child, there is a lot of things to explore, as everything in this world is new, especially if I received something really cool, like a new toy, but the fun will only last the most like a week, as I would have either destroyed the toy by burning it, crushing it, or simply just throw it away.

Memories of me as a child is really vague, but I really dream a lot and I used to see things as a child, ghosts, or dark shadows and sometimes even bright fairy lights. Sometimes I dreamed of ghosts choking me up or eating me from the feet first. Nightmares occurs often, I told my parents about it but they always said that I'm full of silly imaginations.
Figure 2: Jonathan wonders "Is my picture taken?".
Now that I'm not a child anymore, though there are some people who stays a "child" until they are adults without even realizing it. Still in everyone of us, there should a partial child in the heart. A child always seeks to learn, easily forgive and forget, always wants to be close to parents and need all the love and attention. It is normal to be seeing cartoons at an adult age and still laugh with your child or child cousins, nieces or nephews.

So life is short, be happy and enjoy every second as it is your last, some may not even have that chance to live this long. Be blessed dear child.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

黄昏 Huang Hun - Dusk

Just sharing a very sad yet meaningful song which I always sang when the sad times comes, a very touching song, it's an old song but enjoy it nonetheless..

With the lyrics are included its meanings for those who enjoys the song yet aren't able to speak or understand the mandarin language.

Huang Hun
:陈信荣 :周传雄

guo wan zheng ge xia tian
After the whole summer,
you shang bing mei you hao yi dian
my sadness still did not improve.
kai che xing chi zai gong lu wu ji wu bian
Driving my car on the vast, boundless roads,
you li kai zi ji de gan jue
I feel that I'm getting out of touch with myself.
chang bu wan yi shou ge
The song that I could not finish singing,
pi juan hai sheng xia hei yan quan
Left me so tired that there are rings around my eyes.
gan qing de shi jie shang hai zai suo nan mian
It is inevitable to get hurt in the realm of love,
huang hun zai mei zhong yao hei ye
No matter how beautiful the dusk is, the dark night must follow.
yi ran ji de cong ni kou zhong shuo chu zai jian jian jue ru tie
I recall that you said, "Goodbye" with a tone of steel,
hun an zhong you zhong lie ri zhuo shen de cuo gan
I had a delusion of being burnt by the sun in the darkening dusk.
huang hun de di ping xian
The horizon at dusk,
hua chu yi ju gao bie
Drew out your line of, "Farewell."
ai qing jing ru yong ye
Love plunges into eternal night.
yi ran ji de cong ni yan zhong hua luo de lei shang xin yu jue
I still remember the tears falling from your desolated eyes.
hun luan zhong you zhong re lei shao shang de cuo gan
In the confusion, there is an illusion of being burnt by the hot tears.
huang hun de di ping xian
The horizon at dusk,
ge duan xing fu xi yue
Severed happiness and joy.
xiang ai yi jing hui mie
Love has already been destroyed.

Below is the Youtube video of the song 黄昏 Huang Hun - Dusk sang by Zhou Chuan Xiong.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nike Big Hi White/Grey Colourways

Nike shoes are better distinguished by their swoosh symbol, now for some older pairs of mine, I have a really worn Nike Big Hi which is a very comfortable shoes, light and has arch support due to its high cut. Now these pair of shoes have been really worn almost everywhere I go, including of using it once to hike up Mt. Kinabalu, which is the tallest mountain in the South East Asia region.

I still keep this pair of Nike Big Hi, which comprises of a leather upper, grey and white in colour. It's swoosh symbol is made of patent leather, and it's still shining even through those muddy treks and walks in the jungle. I chose it to be my trekking pair due to its lightness.
Figure 1: Nike Big Hi.
Still I'm keen on keeping it as keepable as possible, so I decide to rest it a little and minimize the wear a little bit. So this is my pair which is shown in the figure below, yellowish sole due to muddy treks, still in good condition too, as expected of the swoosh brand.

Nike's high cuts are very comfortable, as having arch supports which really helps in supporting your ankle. Despite rocks which can cause some tears, the leather is still holding up. This is definitely a keeper and will last more longer in my collection. The leather details on the leather infact looks like elephant skin, interesting.
Figure 2: My pair of Nike Big Hi.
For Nikes, the high cuts such as the Dunk, Terminators and Nike Big are those collectibles which I am really interested in due to its history, maybe I'll post some history facts on those shoes. These Nike shoes are posted in very creative artistic colourways too and are amazingly comfortable. Definitely a plus for collectors.

Friday, January 7, 2011


This is a beautiful song which I wish to share on this beautiful day of rest. This song touches me so, where He full of selflessness accepts us the way we are and become our greatest gift. He has paved a way for us to God for He loves us so, this song is a touching interpretation of His love for us. Going to sing this song one as a special song before I finish up my semester. This song is available in the celebration songbook number "50".


Verse 1:
A                       C#m  
He can turn the tide
                D               A
and calm the angry seas
Bm           F#m                               
He alone decides
                   Bm7         C#7
who writes a symphony
D                      Dm
He lights every star
                         A    C#m   F#m        
And makes the darkness bright
G#7                           C#m
He keeps watch all through
                   Bm7      E  
The long and lonely night
A                     F#m
He still finds the time
                Bm7               E
To hear a child's first prayer
Bm                     E
Saints or sinners call
And always find Him there
Tho it makes Him sad to see
       A        C#m
The way we live
                  Bm7   E7   A 
He'll always say, "I'll forgive!"

Verse 2:
He can grant a wish and
make a dream come true
He can touch a cloud and
turn the grey to blue
He also knows where to find
the rainbow's end
He alone can see what
lies beyond the bend
He can touch a tree and
turn the leaves to gold
He knows every lie
that you and I have told
Tho it makes him sad
To see he way we live
He'll always say, "I forgive!"

Happy Sabbath. Peace be with you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty of Sunsets

Figure 1: Sunsets at the beach.
Sunsets is a beautiful phenomenon when the sun sets under the horizon as a result of the earth's rotation. The sun sets on the western part of the horizon, the dazzling light is distorted by the atmosphere which causes the sunlight can still be seen and only dark when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon.

Sunsets to me are very beautiful and it is different at different seasons, where the earth is also at different angles and axis, the serenity and beauty of the sunsets shows that a beautiful day is about to end. Sunsets to me also signifies satisfaction if seen when a work is done and its beauty is indeed a glorification of God's creation.

Romantic relationships can also be started at the sight of a sunset, it will then produce a special marking feelings when a couple go to witness the sunset together. I remembered my first sunset together with my sweetheart, it wasn't as romantic but to me the sight of seeing such a beautiful phenomenon together, produces a very special and natural feeling of being together.

Sunsets produces photos which are very extra-ordinary and beautiful at the same time, at certain part of the day before sunsets such places may not look the best as it is when a sunset occurs, there is such picture which I have taken, at midday, the place looks so normal, however when taken at sunset, a certain eerieness and mysteriousness of the place is embossed.

A sunset is a time to behold the beauty and glory of God's creation, after a tiring day studying, there is nothing more special than to be away from the computer and all those books, and take sometime to pray and thank God for every single blessing and take sometime to release the stress watching the sun set into the horizon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcoming the Year 2011

I've not been welcoming the New Year 2011 well enough, so it takes me a few days to feel the coldness of the month of January to actually feel the New Year, as I had a fruitful holiday with little or no progress for my final year project, I've decided to spend the first day of New Year to comeback to my university.
Figure 1: My university in one of those evenings.
Am not actually in a mood, still the urge to graduate played an important role to motivate me to come early to university. Whatever my mood is, should not be put forward as an initial excuse for anything as my principles should come first. Last semester in universtiy should be filled with strive and perserverance.

While practising this year with NEWSTART, which is an acronym for N-Nutrition, E-Exercise, W-Water, S-Sunlight, T-Temperance, A-Air, R-Rest, T-Trust in Divine Power. This is something definitely big for me, as I am no health lifestyle person, I'm going to make it my immediate lifestyle as I believe health is more important than money. If interested, you can view the program here, NEWSTART Program.

Back at my university, I really haven't got much rest, as I've been very busy studying and completing assignments and projects. These tasks hasn't been kind to me throughout my university studies. So, as an average student, this year I am going to get my rest, but of course with a really packed day and weekend schedule.

Going to the gym should be one of my efforts for exercise, due to the air outside the place which I'm staying, lots of cars and noise, it does not provide the air quality that I require for my exercise, so I have to make extra effort to actually go to the gym and burn those calories, as I am overweight and my cholesterol level and uric acid in my body is bound to give me health problems.
Figure 2: My School, School of Engineering.
So, university life is supposed to be filled with happiness and healthiness, instead of stressful and sickly. There are people with lots of different experience but I am going to fill the remainder of my time at university to the best I can be and of course giving and spending time sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Before I step deeper into 2011, there's a few mentionables about 2010

Since I've been very busy during the holidays, I've been unable to blog due to the lack of connectivity at Kota Belud. There's been a lot of movement during the course of my holidays, still not much real progress for my final year project, which I'll be struggling for during my last semester. Now I'm still in my first week of lecture, so there is a few mentionables which I've reserved just before I really step into year 2011.
Figure 1: My parent's 25th anniversary special.
The most special highlight of the holiday is my parent's 25th anniversary which is held in church. A special ceremony is held up for all the married couples for my family and it is a coincidence that my family is back to Kota Belud, so decide to join up, so I went through the task of being the honourable driver to do errands such as looking for my mum's bride dress at the bridal and up to photographing the event.

Marriages are meant to last and it's no on-off relationship which we can just make up through feelings, it takes principle and a lot of effort to build up. Lasting marriages is getting really rare these days. So I as a Christian, am also hoping to get married and have a lasting marriage as have my parents. They are my role models.
Figure 2: My steady girlfriend.
It's almost 3 years since we've started a relationship, and I feel that things are going to get better, there's a lot of experience that we've spent together, lots of studying together are among those bitter-sweet times. She has always been a motivation for me when tough times come, especially if there is set-backs during my final year project and also when facing tough tests, assignments and project. 

It's been fun to be able to sit together in a class with a special person, it makes me super concentrate during classes (not sure if this works for everyone though). I felt that meeting her was God-sent and that God knew that I need someone to strengthen me spiritually and keep me strong during the whole course of my challenging undergraduate.

Most of all, she loves sweet goodies, especially ice cream and also dark chocolate. Sweet girl, she is one.
Figure 3: Jump into the river, blurred.
Another notable feat is of course river jumping, well it's not such a proud feat but bathing in the river is something my brother has been looking forward to when returning back to the kampung. The river at my kampung which is Kg.Gaur, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia is really clear river and has been a very famous bathing place. So I had a very enjoyable time with my little brother, I've spent little time with him, so it is something I also look forward to.

Still there is always danger when bathing, due to its strong current and at different times cold, cramps can occur. This happened to me recently during the semester break last year 2010, I actually went down into the water to check the depth but I can't reach it, it is really deep and when I tried to go up, the current below the water mixed with cold water caused me to lose stamina.

I got tired as I surfaced the river, my cousin was nearby luckily and it is still far towards the shallow part, I guess if he wasn't there, I could've drowned and not survived the year. God is indeed watching over me. Praises to the Lord.
Figure 4: Cloudy day at the tip of Borneo.

This is a recent trip to the tip of Borneo last December 2010, the day is cloudy and there is drips of rain falling, so the view isn't breathe-taking as it supposed to be on a sunny day. The year 2010 is filled with ups and downs and also struggles with self and there are goals which I haven't been able to achieve. Maybe the cloudy day might signify the year 2010 for me. It could have been better, yet I am thoroughly thankful for all the blessing which has been showered. 

God has indeed blessed me and I should be more open hearted in offering service to him.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolution

The new year 2011 is now and 2010 is history, there's a lot that I haven't been able to grasp and achieve I will continue in this year and more new improvements will be soon implemented. Still there is an important part of me which I really have to improve which is my selfness and pride which always been a big problem for me to overcome.
Figure 1: Pride, one of the deadly 7 sins.
It will be challenging to overcome these humanly weakness, Pride is especially hard due to the fact that it is one of the 7 deadly sins. Pride is an inordinate love of the self, which results in super confidence as well as distorted self-esteem which ignores one's shortcomings. Pride exaggerates one's abilities and accomplishments while ignoring one's imperfections and failings.

In order to overcome pride requires humility. Humility is not false self-deprecation which is usually shown in a way of insulting yourself so others can say otherwise, rather it is recognizing that all gifts and talents come from God and acknowledging as such. Illustrated in a situation, if someone were to compliment your good singing voice, a prideful response would be, “You’re right, I do have an incredible voice, it’s about time you noticed it.” A self-deprecating response would be, “Oh, no, I can’t sing. My voice is terrible.” However, a humble answer would be, “Thank you. I’m grateful that God has blessed me with this voice and I’m glad I could share it with you.” Humbly giving God the credit He deserves is the antidote to pride.

Pride is a sin due to one's preoccupation with self, which is very fitting that the middle letter in the word is "i". Pride is all about me, myself and I, so the word pride is centered upon a letter "i" while the sin itself is also centered upon "I".

Another way to determine whether of pride preoccupies within self is to evaluate the motives, an example is my pursuit of knowledge. If I studied hard because that is what God wants me to do and that I'm obedient to Him, and it is God who empowers me, then that's good. Or if I study hard because I would like to help the society or teach and help others, that's good too. For the Love for others is there. However if I studied hard just for the sake of amassing knowledge for myself, just so that I can say that I know more than everyone else, I guess something is not right. For the focus is upon myself and my own glory.

Humility is a must, I must be able to control myself and never be controlled by pride, it brings me great sadness to know how much pride has caused me to fall and hurt others. I must be humble and this is a great challenge for me.
Figure 2: Carnation is also a beautiful flower which signifies pride.
Prayer is needed daily.