Monday, August 13, 2012


Tired after almost two weeks away from home, tired of that little storm in life, need some break away from all these spite and responsibility. So after cleaning up and dusting away stuff in my room, wash up all my laundry and my worn out Nike Air Max 1s which is basically what I used throughout a month besides my Red Wings, I set up a hammock and rest away all my worries away.
Figure 1: Nike Air Max 1s.
After not having enough sleep and over-working, I really need a break away from everything and just relax at home and have some good food. We have to be fully rested and prepared to fight another battle. We'll have a better chance of winning by doing something simple as that.

Untold Journey

Excerpts of a missing sister

Her mobile was unreachable and I was super worried and took a short break to find her missing from her university and her car parked away with the battery unattached. I wasn't paranoid but at least I check up with her on immigration only to find her half-way around the world.

Such an exciting journey during the two weeks of her semester break, I was able to trace her till Bangkok, Thailand only to miss her by a few hours. She's already on her way to London and I decide to head back as I don't have extra time and I have to be in a meeting at Kuala Lumpur the following day.

From London, she boarded transited to Bahamas and finally to the Cayman Islands in which she's to meet a friend from New York, whom she only met online. She's all grown up I know but to be suddenly missing from her university campus is quite worrisome in this troubled world. 

Especially, when I'm supposed to be one who's keeping the siblings together despite being far-away apart from each other.

She returned unscathed and safe but she still owe me an explanation as well as the unclear events which happens during the whole "missing" half-way around the world journey. It is due to the trouble-some nature of my overprotective parents which results in this untold journey.

Glad she returns home safe and with a unique experience.