Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Finally, I'm back to my homeland, faraway from work and business, I felt the urge to work now that I'm on holidays, nothing much has changed, but I've changed, maybe just a bit physically. Still loving my cartoons, books, collectibles and being around kids, so mentally not changed at all. Just some simple words and ending this post with a quote.

"God is taking care of you, even when it seems like your all alone; believe me, God is working hard behind the scenes of your life."

Figure 1: Fairy Tail.
Heart, stay strong cause life is full of challenges, every step of the way, God will be my guide.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vintage Electronics..

I love to collect vintage stuff especially those which has been on Earth for a considerable amount of time, made of premium materials, of quality build and lasts very long time with its own unique characteristics or design. Vintage designs are usually simple, doesn't need too much effort to push up attention unlike modern flashy design. 

With that said, I have to admit I'm not an electronic freak nor such a mobile-tech person, but I do like mobiles for some reason or the other. Firstly, the mobiles should last a long time, *I would immediately junk mobiles which lasts less than a year, never had that experience though*. I wouldn't spent too much money on the latest tech as price would drop significantly, unlike vintage collectibles.

One of my phones which has lasted me is my Nokia N93, a Symbian60 version 3 OS, it is a sponsorship present before I  entered university, circa 2006. This phone lasted me due to usage only on walks on weekends and in my room. This is due to its large size, weight, slightly sluggish and battery guzzling abilities. I preferred small phones with long battery juice for mobility.
Figure 1: Nokia N93 Black.
I still use this phone whenever I wanted to read an electronic book or just for the fun of it. Some simple games such as Raging Thunder, Sudoku and Chess are also some of the Symbian applications installed with usual university functions such as the scientific calculator.

The N93 is also part of my collectibles, which adds more diversity to my collectibles.

Monday, November 14, 2011

One early morn..

Last night, while I was working, I felt the urge to walk around at about 2am in the morning, as I went out of the control room and the heat of the plant, the coldness of the outer area immediately froze me. It was quite pitch black outside and most of the things I see are either black or have weird shapes due to my over-imagination.

So, I decide to hang out and relax outside for a while despite the coldness and stories of the other staffs regarding haunting which sometimes occurs to the faint hearted. Wasn't feeling too brave myself but I seem to dislike all those "hocus pocus" stories they sometimes tell me.

Suddenly a shrieky laughter breaks the silence. Well, I already shuttered in the cold, so I don't jerk much but I felt as if my heart is going to burst out of my chest. My legs are eager to rush to area with lighting, but my mind tells me to investigate. I decided to go with my mind instead of my legs.

Well, the laughter isn't supernatural, but a sudden one seems to be quite shocking. I went around the corner, only to find a dark figure. I can see it's face, looks gruesome, with the lighting of his Nokia 5800, it's just a worker, laughing his ass out at some funny video. Damn!!!

I joined him only to laugh together and then felt the urge to get back to the control room. Nice investigation though.

An addition, I seem to saw a very cool collectible which is quite premium priced but the design of the shoes is excellent and I really hope to cop a pair if possible *almost impossible to find*. I never had a pair of Premium Nike SBs before so it will be a first in my collectibles and it will be heaven-sent.
Figure 1: Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Words of Life..

These photo was taken when I visited the long house of Pasir Nangka, Tatau, Bintulu. This was taken at my foster family's home. It contained words which I would want to keep for as long as I live. For me, a life without God is an empty life not knowing my own Creator. 
Figure 1: Words of Life.
Without God, I would be a lost person, not knowing what to expect in life and not knowing the importance of LIFE. Life without God will be a life without eternal purpose, knowing only that finally I would die and forever be forgotten. I wanted a life that would last forever, without pain or tears. 

People sometimes give me discouraging words regarding my faith to God. "So what if it isn't true in the end?" Then I'll just hold on to my faith and die with something to hope on for. At least it is worth dying for rather than without anything to hope for after leaving this painful Earth.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Yellowish soles..

Figure 1: Yellowish example. Not mine though.
I really dislike it if my collectibles get scuffed bad, fungus growth or the worst, yellow soles. I never liked patent leather or icy soles, but I got a pair of those sneakers anyway. The yellowing started when I wore it on a wet day and got caught in the mud. I forgot to clean the sneakers once I got back home. 

I didn't went out the next few days as it was raining heavily, so I forgotten about shoe cleaning. I was naive. The next sunny day urged me to get out only to find that the yellowish mud has seeped into the patent leather of the shoes and left a very ugly stain which is irremovable.

I wasn't dissapointed as it was initially my fault for not cleaning up and I decided that was the least of my worries. Right until the white soles turned yellow due to me not cleaning it up and keeping it dry. I don't know why am I so annoyed at yellow soles. 

I wasn't caring much for my soles. I found that certain soles especially those which contains certain plasticky materials which turn yellow due to the moist and high oxygen content concentrated on the area, despite the expensive price tag. Totally dislike this fact.

The author read somewhere in the net that people start to dye their soles to avoid yellowing. A change of care ways and brands have made the author surefooted so that the author will not have yellow soles anymore. By the way, The author will be using my Adidas Forum DB for my upcoming convocation instead of a dull black shoe.

The author is me, winter.. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Short update..

Sorry for not much updates dear blog, been so busy these few days with breakups here and there due to the lack of maintenance of the previous caretaker. I have to pick up the pieces and help up with my knowledge and limited experience. Still in the process of learning the systems as well as ways to solve problems along the way. 

Challenges loving it so much. 13 more days till I finally be back to my beloved homeland and celebrating my convocation. Thank God I am well and still kicking. Fight on!!!

A slight pause on collectibles or potential collectibles for this year end or next year..