Monday, January 30, 2012

Brand Trial

Figure 1: The Logo.
I am really eager to try out something new yet not too extravagant nor too modern, yet selecting a pair of shoes different from my traditional brands is such a pain. I always choose a pair of shoes which has a slightly significant history through it, vintage and not too hype.

Knowing the history of the shoes makes me appreciate it's aesthetics as well as comfort. I eventually picked up a brand after a few days and Converse came into my mind, it is simple and also quite affordable. It comes in a lot of color ways and the soles looks promising.

The Converse brand symbol isn't a familiar one such as the swooshes in Nike or trefoils in Adidas, it is a star. I thought I've owned the oldest basketball shoes, the Adidas Superstar Vintage, yet I am wrong, the oldest basket ball shoes is the Converse All Star. The Converse All Star is then endorsed by basketball player Chuck Taylor.

I wouldn't bother writing much about the history here because just by typing "Converse History" on Google will direct you to your destination. I believe that all shoes in my collectibles should have at least a little hint of vintage history or I won't have them, this proves I'm not having Supra, Osiris, Macbeth or other newer brands.

So I ordered a pair from the net, a relatively cheap price of just $30 in my size. I wanted to try it out for a walk before venturing into the more expensive and limited editions of these shoes. Some pictures of the Converse CT spec OX just below. Grey colored textile and vulcanized soles. 
Figure 2: Side Look.
Figure 3: Front Look.
Figure 4: Hind look.
The color is so vintage and monochrome, that's one reason I took these pair so I would be more stealthy and less attention. I have a textile pair now instead of my buck-load pile of leather shoes. My first pair of Converse All Star, if this works out, I'll probably fish out those more expensive Converse pairs by John Varvatos for my collectibles. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Haiku for busy people..

I don't have the time to compose much self inspiring poems lately. So during my lunch time cut short due to plant problems, I managed to compose something by representing it in the simplest poetry that I've known which is Haiku. Haiku is kept short and simple.

First Haiku, basically inspired when I was walking out to lunch on a very hot Wednesday. I sweated a lot and wondered how did I manage to survive..

The sun is fiery,
To bear the heat is suicide,
I wish it will snow..

Second Haiku, I was so focused on my homeland energy needs and requirements that I overlooked that the energy sector is  turning this world into a deadly one, in an amazingly fast rate of time.

This land is dying,
Poisoned and slowly fading,
Mother earth is sad..

Third Haiku, I am cold, I rarely get so close, even with pets, being cold makes me stronger in a sense of relationships, sometimes I am melted, but I eventually will quench those flames with the mighty snow of winter. Inspired a bit from a few novels of Songs of Ice and Fire.

Emptiness freezes me,
Icy cold within my heart,
Your flames will melt me..

So as problems occur out of my office, I manage to jot down these few lines of simple poems before I move out to tackle problems which requires both sides of my brain as well as my technical skills. 

My love for quality literature never dies.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fly into the sky..

I dreamed of transforming into a little bird, suddenly appearing in first person to be flying, I don't know if I actually turned into a bird or just grew wings on my back like an angel. Still its a fascinating dream in which I view myself above ground, rising higher and higher into the air.

The experience during that dream was thrilling and has that feel of being on a roller coaster. High up in the sky I can see everything and able to go everywhere I want to go.

The scenery is so beautiful at different places of the world that I wished I wasn't awaken by the alarm.
This song is a beautiful song sang by R Kelly which tells us never to give up on our dreams.

This dream I have makes strive harder in life and want to achieve my dreams. Still staying in reality, I'll do it step by step with patience. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slows down..

Figure 1: Signatures in light.
Time is passing by so fast than I can't seem to handle, with work coming here and there without warning, and almost everyday I have to sign-sign-sign since my bosses are on holiday. Well, it will all pass, and soon it will all be back to normal I hope. Hectic!!

I just wish I can slow down time, just capture a single beautiful moment and make it last forever..

Friday, January 20, 2012

Next time..

Busyness have been a friend of mine, but take time to ponder as you walk and think..

Life is beautiful, take time to treat yourself even with just a candy after some work done.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Someone just got killed for these..

Recently read a news headline which shock me a bit, but then I realized how this world is getting more and more terrible, I've seen in the news houses robbed in the broad daylight, snatch thieves snatching in the public on broad daylight and many more evil hurting acts, but never this sort of crime.

This incident occurred in America, where a kid only 19 years old was gunned down early on a Sunday morning, click here for the news, for a pair of last year's most coveted sneakers, the Nike Zoom Rookie LWP. Looking at those sneakers, it's way out of my taste, quite whack, over futuristic and it glows in the dark.
Figure 1: Nike Zoom Rookie
Figure 2: Glows in the dark.
This sneakers are definitely a no for an uncool guy like me and I don't want to be killed for wearing a pair. Glad it not America but it surely can happen anywhere. Keep your collections and wear them with caution and when the event matters. Evil people are everywhere.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bad Food

Figure 1: Red wine & delicious cheese cakes.
Got sick recently, ate food which aren't healthy and yet regarded as a hotel's best dishes. Drank drinks which isn't healthy for the liver and got a bit ache on my ankle. I came from a family with a long line of drinking history which initially ends up with gout.

This isn't good, I have strayed so much from my healthy diet that I even ate food which are high in cholesterol and ditching those good ones which have high fiber. I need a change, not tomorrow but right now. I felt scared but I believe its not too late.

Without good health I believe all the money I am to acquire mean nothing, without health I must say that I've lost my wealth. I won't look good if I am not healthy, I can think creatively without a good healthy state of mind. These cravings are getting a little bit insane lately.

The red wine is very tempting and those secret recipe cheese cakes, yummy. Need to restrain myself and cuff myself from my appetite if possible. I kind of lost track of my health, need to get a medical check up soon and a change of lifestyle..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As a kid I loved wearing shorts and never hesitate to wear them to any occasion, formal or non formal. Until my mom dressed me up in those big formal trouser which tends to make me look so big which I wore till I'm in my mid teen days. I never wore anything different until I was introduced to denim.

It was super cheap denim at first, the one which gets roughed up and hot when worn for long period of time. The cheap ones tends to feel super tight at some part of the areas and doesn't fit well. It made me hate wearing them tight and hot blues. 
Figure 1: Levis Logo.
So I wore a mix of these jeans, shorts and trousers till after I completed my high school and ready to enter the higher learning. I saw a shop with a red sign, devilish look in them, I entered it and immediately bought a super pair of denim. It is an American brand and it never matters to me, as the denim is super-soft and fit me well, I was plump then but they were so kind to me.
Figure 2: Levi's 2 horses.
Those denim were, Levi's jeans. Never ill fitted and never ever looked at another brand till now. Looking for a few new year pairs. Maybe the 504, 522 or 523 models.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Once in a while, an event with friends or co-workers is welcomed. An event filled with food is more than welcome. So it is decided that the event will be a barbecue or BBQ, there will be drinks also of course to go with the burnt meat. I'll just be helping out with marinating the meat which consists of lamb, chicken, sausages and that is about it.
Figure 1: Grainy marinated chicken.
During the BBQ session there is a mix of laughter as well as jeers shared among friends. It is a mix of team work each with their own share of responsibilities to create a fun environment as well as to ensure the quality of the roasted meat at its peak, means minimal burnt and wholly cooked.

Figure 2: Team work is the best.
As the meat starts to cook inside, the marinated flavor turns into a sensational smell which causes the mouth to be so watery that drinks need to be served so that those doing the roasting won't get so hungry and eat before everything is ready. The roasted food is cooked just nice and there is more than enough for everyone.

Food is great, especially if it is shared and taken together with family and friends. Life is indeed good.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Adidas Kazuki

Just back from my off day, was indeed a fruitful and well spent three days, flushed out a lot of toxic in my body and mind. During that time, I manage to take photos of two of my latest 2011 collectibles which comes from the Adidas Originals by Originals line created by famous designer Kazuki Kuraishi of Fragment Design Japan.

First up is the Adidas Kazuki Gipfel, which is an 80s basketball hi cut shoe model made up of premium materials. The colour of the shoes is burgundy, brown, black and white soles. The shoes are made up of premium leather, nubuck and meshes. There is a KZK trademark on the tongue of the shoes as well as the heel pull up.
Figure 1: Adidas KZK "Gipfel".
Figure 2: Adidas KZK "Gipfel".
Figure 3: Adidas KZK "Gipfel".
Next up is the Adidas Kazuki ZXZ "Ian Brown", a running shoe designed for the ex-Stone Roses singer Ian Brown who is Kazuki Kuraishi's best friend. These shoes are in all black colour except for it's white tagging as well as gold lettering and album cover on the tongue. These shoes are made up of premium leather as well as nubuck. Extremely comfortable and durable shoes not to mention limited edition.
Figure 4: Adidas KZK ZX "Ian Brown".
Figure 5: Adidas KZK ZXZ "Ian Brown".
Figure 6: Adidas KZK ZXZ "Ian Brown.
With these shoes presented, this ends my 2011 list of sole collectibles to date and open up a new chapter of collectibles for 2012. Soon, I'll release my list of soles collectibles so far. Hope to get more soles which are limited through out this year soon. Gambate!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anew heart..

Figure 1: Knots of love.
It's been raining heavily these few days after new year, so excited to finally have my off day and a ride on a Mercedes Benz with one of the executive director, thank God for that and my safe journey back home for the remainder of my holidays. 

At home I felt the warmth and joy of not being alone, I can strum on my guitar and sing my lungs out, I can view my shoe collection and wear each one of them, I can play games with my sister & brother, to help out with house chores, I enjoy every bit of cleaning up and cooking.

Life is beautiful, no matter if you drive a Mercedes Benz, or just riding a bicycle, but in your heart lies the true meaning of life, life to be appreciated and shared with family and friends. One can make a difference in a thousand, or just a single person close to you, make him or her smile despite everything.

My request in life is that God creates a heart in me that I may never ever feel lacking in this world but fill my heart with loving kindness that even with nothing I can bring joy to myself and people around me.

My new year should be endorsed with humbleness and humility..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Far Away..

I need you close, missing you're touch, smile, but you're so far away, I feel so numb and alone, it is my own doing I know, still when the storms are coming, I hold myself close to you, my memories with you, I kept telling my self to be strong..

Some what, my feelings for you kept going up and down, never stable as the distance is great, still my principle holds me up together, no matter others come by to take me away or make me feel better, I know you're the best for me, I'll hold on to my principles, I'll hold on to you...

Monday, January 2, 2012


Time passes by very fast, it's a brand new year again, 2012, a dragon year with dreaded prophesies of the end of the world. Don't really care much about prophecies of those silly sages, still I changed a lot from being a person always free of trouble and carelessly spending my money, into a more planned and organized person of sorts. 
Figure 1: Chinese Dragon.
Probably it's my job, but most of the part I believe that I can't be a carefree person for as long as I live, I believe I won't be living alone forever and soon, as my parents and other family members wanted, I am to be engaged. I was never ever thinking about it until my father keeps asking me the same question over a few lapses of time that I manage to realize.
Figure 1: Black Dragon.
Well better to realize now than never, so since I've started working, I'm being as thrifty as possible, minus my collectibles to accumulate money to be engaged for the next year 2013, if the world doesn't end just yet. So long "carefree" and welcome "organized" into my life. Still black is my favorite color for a dragon. 

" To be a man, is precisely, to be responsible" -Antoine De Saint-

By the way, I have a dragon as a sister, and dragons are normally very smart, but tigers are much more fearsome.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start 2012

When you start an engine of a vehicle, you expect it to start immediately without any hiccups or repeated start attempts. This is correct when starting an emergency gen-set in case of sudden failure of the prime mover, as you don't want a total black out, which will cause terrible consequences to self and team. 

That is me starting my new year. As responsible as I can get, I have to ensure that I am competent enough to handle. Likewise I should be starting up despite the coldness of the surrounding, I need to step up and show that I can and willing to do it despite the work conditions, challenge is my fuel.

So for 2012, I'll be working out for my real competency as well as my health and physical looks. Going to start this step by step to ensure no hiccups occur and pray that everything will work out well, as the clear skies might indicated safety, but winds blowing at 300kph can bring a storm above your head in no time. 
Figure 1: Cool strong sea breeze.