Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating New Year 2012

Oranges are juicy, filled with vitamin Cs, a fruit with its own color as a name and I simply love peeling a few oranges and juice it out and make an orange smoothie. Oranges play a significant role in my life as well as giving me its nutrition, not sure if it is so appropriate to post about oranges near to the end of 2011 or new year 2012.
Figure 1: Mandarin orange to be peeled.
According to the Chinese people, these oranges bring good luck, it's color is also in gold so, it means prosperity, but well, that is why the Chinese have mandarin oranges on the Chinese New Year.  
Figure 2: Peeled and ready to be eaten.
For me, oranges are my daily nutrition, I supposedly must have it at least once a week, either juiced or fruit. Brings me health, good concentration as well as confidence, releases my stress, heals my skin and make me more radiant (or is it just my feeling) and simply just enjoying the taste of it.

Oranges for new year 2012, wishing everyone health, blessings and prosperity. I am contented with celebrating new year with just a bit of an orange and prayer.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can't handle

When I just can't take it anymore, I'll just fall down and pray, answered or not, it helps me hold myself together. Most of the time, without any reason, I felt like breaking down, pressure increasing going to squeeze the guts out of me. I felt so demoralized and unmotivated to do even the simplest of tasks. I feel so weary and without a doubt, I'm so weak.
Figure 1: Wishing to be free.
I always felt uncomfortable sometimes, goosebumps on my skin, suddenly feeling insecure and unsafe, my environment an inferiority to me. Still I just keep it within me, in silence I quench this abnormality in my soul. I cannot focus and conversations seems to blur me out to mimes, lips moving yet mouthing words unheard.

I fear, I can't conquer, I can't master, I can't handle..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In my hands..

Chances come and go, some I took some I left behind. There are chances which people say I should have taken, but what are people to me when I'm doing it and the consequences of the decision will effect me instead of their hides.

In every chances, big or small, I took the liberty to judge each one of them fairly through my own wisdom, listing down the possible pros and cons with God leading me, so I pray, if it is so, and the chances seem to beam me into it, I will take the chance without looking back.
Figure 1: Its in your hands.
It's in my hands but there is a chance that my hands will eventually bleed. The wound will be deep, or even just a small gash, but it is definitely felt. This is unseen, even through the most understanding of others, and can only be healed through strength, perseverance and faith to God.

Through many decisions I've made this year, there are detrimental effects which leads to hurt of myself and others. Most of the time it's due to my own selfishness, in which I choose to favor the weights more to my side instead of thinking of others.

I have to fix myself and care more for others, this is a chance I would take, for the upcoming year, no matter what it's in my hands.

Year End Soles

As Christmas passed and soon the year to be passed, I remembered that all I do is work and seriously no time or chance to actually celebrate it with family and friends. Well the fact is that I am so faraway from them and I can only have that chance once or twice a year. All this for the sake of work, growing quite weary without the entertainment though.

So since I didn't get a chance to do my own shopping, I decided to just shop online and have my stuff sent to me, among the new collectibles that I've just acquired are the Adidas Trail ZX DB which is a mix of the Adidas ZX8000 and a trail boot.
Figure 1: Adidas ZX Trail DB.
This pair of Adidas Originals by Originals is designed by James Bond of Undefeated and the quality of this boots are awesome and comfortable, still didn't have the chance to use it though. The colour of these soles is black and dark blue suede with a leather inner.

Another pair of soles that I've recently acquired is an Adidas Questar which is a revered running shoes designed and created by Adidas in the 1980s, these comes in a grey suede, white stripes, with silver and maroon accents. 
Figure 2: Adidas Questar 3M.
There are 3M reflective on the front and hind of the shoes which makes it a very safe shoes when travelling on bike at night which I don't. Still I liked the way it flashed, I think it's my first in the collective. Currently I'm wearing these pair to work. Seriously comfortable, grips the surface well and running in it is definitely  feels surefooted. 

There is another pair of Nike SB which I ordered but that is for another day. Next year it will be raining more soles and collectibles. Still I've got to stick to my priorities in life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Worn out

My daily walking soles  of three years finally gave out during work and I was so disappointed to find a missing sole part when I returned home. I would've pasted it back using super glue to extend the usage of those shoes. I'm going to miss wearing those pair of shoes and during its three years of usage it never let me down, never let me fall from a slip nor bring blisters to my foot during any walking or running condition. 
Figure 1: 3 year old soles.
This pair of shoes has served me up since my university days, so I guess its worthwhile to note that the quality of these shoes is definitely worth my money invested. It never felt the same just switching daily shoes to other shoes, others may jeer at the new pair of shoes and I need time to switch the feel of these 3-year soles to my new pair of walking shoes.

My favorite top shoe brand, the three stripes, Adidas!!! Never disappoints.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

As I gaze..

As I gaze into the horizon, I think of all those beautiful quotes which comes to my mind,

"Say you well, or all is well with you and God shall hear your words and make them true." -Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Rise Up & Rise again until lamb becomes lion." -Robin Hood

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." - Helen Keller-

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

"It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision." -Helen Keller

"Knowledge is love and light and vision." -Helen Keller

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. -Helen Keller
Figure 1: Heavenly golden skies.
As I gaze into the golden sky, I think of a lot of things each in a different way to look at it, in silence I stare listlessly as my mind drifts away. This year is coming to an end soon and I'm not sure if I still have the opportunity to have this luxury of simply just gazing and drift away into my own world.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Reserved for Christmas

This is a beautiful song sang by Chris Tomlin, fills me with the Christ feeling even when it's not Christmas season. Even when I'm alone, when I'm feeling low and there's no one to comfort me, I know Christ is always there for me, always knocking the door of my heart to let Him in. I always locked the door of my heart. I wanted to change my heart of stone through Christ's love.
A part of the lyrics,

Truly He taught us to love one another,
His law is love, and His gospel is peace
Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother
And in His name all oppression shall cease..

So beautiful is this kind of love, eternal peace if everyone is truly engulfed in this loving Christlike spirit. This I pray I shall strive to achieve it. To be dead to the flesh but live in the spirit. Amen.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Something different

Figure 1: Nike Air Vengeance Plus.
Been looking at Nike's runners and dunk SBs these days, and as I've been looking around I found these vintage runners in very interesting colourway not to mention design, especially liked the neutral grey and black colours blend in the obvious neon and green accents on these shoes. Might be my latest kick for new year if I can find this pair in this colour with my sizing.

Still its on my wishlist... 

Keep Missing..

Feel so sullen and cold during this time of winter. Wish time would pass so much faster when I am alone and time would pass so slow when I'm with meaningful people, so that the moment would last almost forever. But this is not the world I can simply control, I can only only capture those moments and appreciate.
This song makes me feel damn, damn, damn, little bit sad especially when I'm alone without people who meant to me surrounding me. Even though my faith precedes me not to be so, I'm still feeling the strain of being alone despite the new experience, the warmth suddenly fading. Maybe I should apply for leave soon.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Despite being funny and in certain ways true, these troll pictures illustrates "sincerity" especially in sharing or lending something,
Figure 1 : Trolls.
To KISS or Keep It Short & Simple, if your heart says no, then just say no, if its otherwise, speak it truthfully and not the other way around. 

Again, No Fakes, Peace No War!!! 

Blaming Culture

I love culture, especially when culture is a taste of art, food, positive healthy way of living which is owned by a certain race or particular place, a place is truly beautiful when it is not only filled with beautiful scenery but also filled with courteous and well mannered people. This makes culture a very wonderful thing to me as it is diverse.

Still during this modern era, a certain type of culture has arisen, which happens to occur almost everywhere, in the household, in a game of soccer, in the workplace and worst even during dates. I have no idea where has this culture stemmed from or who is the originator of the "blaming" culture.

This blaming culture is probably born with as there is always a tinge of selfishness in ourselves. The nature of this culture is letting go when things go haphazard. This form of culture is easy to perform, a mistake is done, be it obvious or not and simply just pointing a finger to someone or something to blame. That is blaming culture for you'll never point the tip of your gun to yourself.

This is an obvious act of selfishness and inconsideration. A culture shock and filled with deceit and hurt. A culture which you and I will hate, still it lingers most in our country the most. I felt it almost everywhere, can't do much but keep my silence when fingers are pointed to me. I'll never point back, just take the responsibilities sometimes not of my own.

Here's a simple illustration not meant to offend,

"When Americans fart, they say "EXCUSE ME", When Britains fart, they say "PARDON ME", When Singaporeans fart, they say "FORGIVE ME", When our people fart, they say "NOT ME!!! NOT ME!!!" and started pointing fingers and blame."

Peace, No War!!!  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soles Collection Focus

My soles collection or also known as soles addiction started with the Adidas Superstar, which I had the Superstar IIs as my daily walker which I passed on to my cousin, that is where I decided to collect the more vintage Superstar 80s and Superstar Vin - Vintage design. These shoes are basketball shoes of the olden days and they still rock as daily sneakers. To view it, -Adidas Superstar 80s,Adidas Vintage Drawn Pack,Superstar 80s OT-TECH.

Among the other retro basketball shoes that I've collected is the Adidas Forum which I currently have an Originals as well as a pair of Originals by Originals (ObyO). The ObyO version of the Forum is designed by James Bond of Undefeated which is serious footwear. It is so comfortable and made up of superb premium leather. To view it, -Adidas Forum Crafts Pack,Adidas ObyO James Bond.

Running shoes are my main and favorite collectibles, the list is endless, I especially like those vintage runners such as the ZX8000 which features the torsion bar and softcell technologies. ObyO here and there and the Mega Torsion. The ZXZ runner which I have  both ObyO version from KZK. The adidas Questar which is also a famed runner sporting Dellinger webbing. To view it, -Adidas ZX8000.

Enough about my current collectibles, I want to extend it, but unsure whether to explore other brands such as the enticing Nike SB Dunks which I have limited knowledge on or simply extend it within the Adidas family brand which is my current favorite. There is yet to be a conclusion. Still  these modernized running shoes from Adidas shown in figure 1 & 2 are epic. 

Pictures are taken from one of my favorite sneaker news, Am so into runners and the three stripes brand.
Figure 1: Adidas H3LIUM ZXZ front.
Figure 2: Adidas H3LIUM ZXZ back.
Another sneaker worth collecting and wearing. Still haven't made up my mind yet for the upcoming year but maybe focusing on ObyO is a smart move towards more limited collectibles.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am never responsible as a teen, always revolting and never finishing up my school work. Games are my obsession and this made a very large impact on me as a very irresponsible teen. Aside from games I never did any house chores not to mention sometimes even ditched my plate irresponsibly. 

That was me years ago, the me now would probably smack and punch the me back then. I am now grown and am considered a highly educated professional in my field. So with a job title filled with heavy responsibilities as well as good pay and benefits is well suited for me.

I still doubt myself if I am able to carry out these responsibilities or not. I seriously learned fast and as I learned more and more, all those responsibilities automatically become mine and my concern. Is it better to know less and be able to do less? That is definitely a big "No" for me, that is a sign of self defeat.

These responsibilities need me more prepared for the upcoming challenges ahead and I need all the strength, wisdom and courage as well as guidance from the higher power. All in all, safety must be the first thing in my mind. 
Figure 1: Won't let responsibilities burn me to ashes.
I won't let my job and responsibilities burn me off my life though, life is to be lived to the fullest.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Self Innovation

Currently in the process of brainstorming my weaknesses for this year, these few months of working and prioritizing in which area I should improve for the coming year. Still thinking hard and looking at every little detail. It's quite easy to plan but to actually do it is tough. So I'm trying to seek the problem in myself, analyze it and find a way to rectify it. 

So there I go, listing down my flaws, first physically, then mentally as well as attitude problems, even food problems.. the list goes on and on. There is so much flaw in me that I find it tough to rectify it myself. I certainly know there's no perfection in this world but I'm sure I can at least do my best. I need help from the higher power to actually see room for self improvement.

Dear God, help me...

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Clash of Kings

Figure 1: A Clash of Kings.
I am almost half-way through this wonderful book which is a sequel to the Game of Thrones. Clash of Kings is the continuation of this beautiful series which is the A Song of Ice and Fire. The Clash of Kings takes the story where Game of Throne where there is great disturbance to the kingdom of Westeros, where the death of King Robert Baratheon and his hand Eddard Stark causes war between all the seven kingdoms to claim the power of the Iron Throne.

This story takes on the characters of Stark's daughters Sansa and Arya, Stark's son Bran and Jon Snow, Stark's wife Catelyn, Stark's squire Theon Greyjoy, the new hand, Tyrion, and the Khaleesi, Daenrys. Each of these characters play a huge role on the story telling of this story. This story is a mix of cleverly woven mix of dark sly politics as well as true bravery and honour.

The kingdom is now in pieces where Robb Stark is proclaimed the King of the North, King Stanis Baratheon of Dragonstone is marching to reclaim his rightful throne from King Joffrey. King Renly Baratheon of Highgarden is also on the march to claim the throne. Far across the seas, Queen Daenrys Targaryen has her three dragons which are born through the fiery pyre of her dead Khal husband.

Still digesting it slowly, next year it is said that the a HBO television series will be adapted from the novel. Until that time, I'll be weaving each scene in this novel with my own imagination through the power of reading.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

The recent lunar eclipse has caught me breathless even though I only manage to see it from afar, this is probably the second time I have witnessed a lunar eclipse, my first is probably when I was 10 years old. I can't remember the moment though as I only took a glimpse and continue playing computer games, was such a terrible addict.

This time, at the moment of the lunar eclipse, probably most people will just stare at it without thinking much, but I stare at the red bloody looking moon and think, what if tomorrow never comes, what if it is the end of the world? Am I ready for such catastrophic events? Have I donned my suit of armour and prepared for the worst battle?
Figure 1: The lunar eclipse captured by my friend's DSLR.
No.. I am not ready for anything, I don't feel prepared and this bothered me greatly. I need to prioritize and balance myself in all aspects of spirituality and physically. When this moment of truth happens, all those worldly dreams I've dreamed, the career that I've fought for will all be reduced to nothingness.

Tragic, still I am a weak human after all, life is so fragile...

Friday, December 9, 2011

King Of Anything - Sarah Bareilles

I enjoyed her songs, her voice and her interpretation in this song. She is indeed a very talented artist well verse in the art of singing, expressionist and a true music talent. Of all her songs, this is the song that I truly liked, musically and meaningful lyrics.
This is a very great song for those who are horrified/scarred by being judged by other people. Judging or criticizing is  "little" known as the wrong way to go unless you're "God", which no one on earth is despite their ranks and positions, everyone is pure flesh and human.

This song really hits the spot, especially when she sings,
 "Who cares if you disagree, you're not me, who made you king of anything"

and ends with the chorus with,
"Who died and made you king of anything".

For those in oppressed by judging pharisees, well, just relax, smile and listen to this song and enjoy!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Changes bring phobia, which I used to have since I was a little kid, scared of the darkness in my first night, alone in a new room, the change brought nightmares from my imagination and causes a change inside which shapes my individuality. That is a small change in environment, got over bigger environment issues later in life with ease. 

"Change is good in a way sometimes we have to suffer first."
Figure 1: Winged Adidas.
A change in friends, I used to have friends who are regular and they were my fixed friends, they shaped me into the cool "to them" yet almost mundane "to others" person which I am not now. I never mixed or hanged out with any other friends but them. A change occurs and we got to different places. I got cold and unfriendly, no one approached me, yet slowly I changed my "useless" attitude and got new friends with different back grounds, races, personality and got cooler.

"Change is not about changing your principles but of your "useless" attitude & way of thinking."

*Figure 1 is a winged Jeremy Scott Adidas owned by my friend, still can't bring a change in me to own or wear these brave "Greek godlike" kicks.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dark & Darker...

Time fleets by unrealized,
Wise ones are aware,
Change filled every space,
Choking those unprepared...

Physical beauties are everywhere,
Lacking heart qualities,
Morals & tradition change,
Killing those old kindness...

Unappreciated ones die,
Replaced by fools & fake,
Action & reality is gone,
Replaced by falseness of the tongue...

Voice of the hearts,
Matters not anymore,
Replaced by materialistic mess,
Which kills real love life...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Speaking is a wonderful thing, to be able to express yourself freely without limitation is the best, but not everyone can accept it, so filters are important during interaction with other individuals. Speaking is a way of portraying yourself as an individual, allowing yourself to voice out your views and principles.
Figure 1: Facial expression is also important.
Tone of voice is also important to produce meaning in your words, giving your own expression of emotions or stress out ideas so that other individual may be able to distinguish and interpret better. Sometimes certain individuals may or may not be able to listen or interpret properly so the tone should be well adjusted according to each individuals.
Figure 2: Facial expressions col-labs.
Singing places importance in every aspect of the voice, as well as the way of throwing out the voice from inside of your body as well as controlling the pitching, timing, tone and pronunciation. A well controlled aspect of these parameters as well as a bit of acting or facial expression that matches, may produce outstanding vocal which can be very impressive.
Figure 3: Top note singer.
The voice is a beautiful instrument when properly controlled and filtered accordingly. Singing is also a hobby of mine, but since I've not been able to sing much lately, shortness of breath seems to overcome me and I tire easily. The voice should be trained adequately in speaking, singing and also controlled accordingly.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I've longed to have a pair of Adidas designed by a Japanese street fashion designer, either I keep missing the seasons or I don't have the budget to actually get my hands on a pair of those designer x Adidas collaborations.

Now, after able to accumulate for sometime, I finally get myself a pair of weird street stuff made of a mix of weird premium materials. These are the sort of collectibles which should be in my collection. Unique, quality and somewhat weird, so basically its not everyone's cup of tea.
Figure 1: Adidas ZXZ.
These pair of shoes are based on a platform vintage running shoe named the ZXZ. The soles has Dillinger webbing which acts as an absorb-er when the runner runs at high speed. The thing I liked the most about these pair of shoes is that, it has great breath-ability, nice premium leather panels and the "COW" felt like material on the shoes.

The designer of these shoes is the famous Japanese street designer Kazuki Kuraishi. I am very impressed at his creativity to design weird shoes but maintain that sense of simplicity and wear ability of the shoes as well as maintaining the quality and collectible value of the shoes.

Great strange Japanese like design with a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers. Another great addition to my growing soles collection. 

Arigato Gozaimas~!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Say you like me - We the Kings

This is a fun song I enjoyed listening too as it tallies with the experiences I had, the music rocks and filled with creative instruments as well as simple meaningful lyrics. Great vocals.

A great music share on a great Monday morning, clears my usual Monday blues. Have an awesome and smooth week ahead of all of you.

Looks or insides

I used to be someone who is easily infatuated with something beautiful in my eyes, a shoe can easily catch my attention, and in a split second it ended up in my shopping bill, at an impulse I felt the urge to buy something which catch my attention without thoroughly checking it.
Figure 1: Unique Adidas Kicks.
This is of course not a great thing to be proud about, as when I returned home and back to my usual routine in those shoes, suddenly the shoes aren't suitable for me, either in looks or the feel of the shoes. In an instant, I started to think about the amount I've used to part with those so called amazing shoes.

I felt bad as a rotten apple after knowing the product I bought is not made of authentic leather which causes the product to "unbeautify" itself and this caused me to regret spending quite a fortune. Lesson learned, looks will never defy the importance of quality and feel of the product. This will never be compromised in my journey for collectibles.

So far Adidas hasn't left me hanging in terms of premium kicks.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tiring Journey

Journey back to my homeland was tiring and very long. Didn't have much rest, regretted taking too much leave that when I'm finally back to my work place, I have to work my guts out till my next rest day which is still nowhere to be seen. Still, I have to be strong and determined to strive.

Recently I caught myself in a very rare but painful dilemma, food poisoning, not sure where I caught it from but it really made me pay for it. So it is very important to mind what goes into your body. Can't keep dumping trash into the system, need to keep healthy and fit for the remainder work days.