Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Nike for her..

These are a few pictures of a Velvet coloured Nike Cortez Vintage with mesh body for aeration and comfort. Bought these pair specially for her, UK4.5 is her shoe size and it fitted her perfectly and I'm so glad that she liked it.

Figure 1: Back-side of the Nike Cortez is leather.

Figure 2: Zig zag sharp edged EVA sole for traction.

Figure 3: Meshes and vintage swoosh on the Nike Cortez.

Figure 4: Inside of the Nike Cortez.

Figure 5: Inside of the Nike Cortez. (Comfy)

Dangerous dilemma...

It seems like nature is so angry to us humans, feels like, the end is so near, and everything seems awfully dark. At least the future that is, people in staggering numbers perished just like that, earthquakes with its tsunami aftermath just sweeps away what people took a century just to build up, in a matter of seconds, get wiped away.

It feels so, awfully scary and unhappy to be so insecure living in a world, where death is uncertain and can be painful at times. Sometimes, the painfulness of death is better to endure than that of losing someone you love. This life is filled with the wrath of nature, which serves under God's command and no one human can control it.

I was just wondering, in this times of trouble, while I'm waiting to be saved, will I be enduring these painfulness that has happened to people around me. Am I just closing one eye, ignoring all the pain around me, and focusing on making myself comfortable despite what is happening around me. This is indeed a dilemma to behold.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adidas Vintage Drawn

Figure 1: Adidas Superstar Vintage Un-boxed.

This is a pair of Adidas Superstar Vintage, which is made specially for the Adidas Drawn pack by Adidas Originals. The finish of the shoes is in silver color with laser etching to shows the vintage look of the shoes. These shoes are made off leather upper with proven durability.
Figure 2: Superstar Vin Drawn.
I've bought this pair for quite sometime now, but haven't been wearing it yet, so last Saturday, I finally have the opportunity to break in this pair of shoes and eventually wore it for more than 16 hours. During the whole duration of the trip, I went into mud, dirt, stony ground, tar and even tiles to test the traction as well as comfort of these pair.
Figure 3: Adidas Superstar engravings.
This pair is more rigid and grips onto the feet more tightly than the regular Superstar IIs and Superstar 80s. There is a slight tightness when breaking in these pair of shoes. The grip on the EVA soles are excellent and provides me the comfort and traction during the rainy day in which I wore it for the first time.
Figure 4: Herring bone EVA sole for grip.
This pair of Adidas Superstar Vintage is indeed a recommended pair to grab for those superstar fans around. It is indeed a very excellent choice for my collection of Adidas Superstar and is my first pair of Adidas Superstar Vintage. More to come into my collectibles.
Figure 5: "La Marque Aux" Adidas "3 Bandes".

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My wishlist..

I have a new wishlist, a list which I will try my best to realize, but before that I want to learn how to fully operate a DSLR and learn to get the best pictures and angles. Just to be able to take pictures with my family and loved ones, as well as to picture the beauty of every place in earth. Especially nature and beauty sceneries of different places.

Still unsure on what model of DSLR to select, restricted to my financial standings at the time though so as a start, will just be getting the affordable yet powerful model. I have in mind the Canon EOS 60D or maybe a Nikon D7000. Still considering different models though.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.. 
-Helen Keller-

I haven't been in touch with my sniffing senses these few years, the last time I was really crazy about it, getting all those perfumes which are cheaper in Labuan, but since I've lost heart and touch of myself for a duration of time, I all was but smelly. The smell that I chose back then was a Calvin Klein Crave, which was a very youthful mix of active smells. 

This smell really attracted members of the opposite sex while using it, some even manage to identify the type of perfume used, however that is definitely not the main purpose. Ultimately to me, who has really powerful perspiration smell, it really helps to have a powerful, smell adversing perfume.

I am simply attracted to natural smells, in the form of pure parfum instead of artificial chemicals which can cause me migraine. If you smell good, we'll have a great time together. The natural smell of nature, flowers, fruits can make me drift away from stress and hurts. Sweet smelling parfum doesn't make me immune to pain, but it gives me a moment to relax and think deeply.

To be honest, I can't stand bad smell, especially bad body odor.. 
Figure 1: Exaggerating smell.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Figure 1: Me & Grandpa.
On my mother's side, I have a grandmother and a grandfather. My grandmother, she has been a very kindly and loving grandmother despite her hard past of life, she always tries to be the best grandmother she can be. My beautiful memories about her are many, as during my time at polytechnic, I was always drawn to go back and visit despite being busy with studies there. 

My grandmother always cooks for me every morning fried rice or fried mee, which tastes so delicious that I ate so much. Grandma even bring me to town sometimes to accompany her to the market. Where I will carry all the stuff and after getting all the essentials, she will stop by a shop and we'll eat noodle in beef soup or "soto" together.

My grandmother passed away, some 3 years ago now, I was really sad when she went, as she has suffered for so long in life, yet to only have cancer and died suffering. I missed my grandmother and hope that G

I have a grandfather or my grandmother's husband. I don't have much fond memories with him, he is a very fiery old man and doesn't hesitates to hit me with a rattan when I was small. I always hear him screaming loud if there's anything wrong. My grandfather is a man filled with pride and ego.

Grandfather always goes hunting when I was very small, he has a shotgun and his shooting skills is very excellent. He could aim and shoot down an eagle in the skies. However, I was too afraid to approach him as he is a very scary person when I was still small. I don't like to be around him.

Even after, I was in polytechnic, I didn't speak much to him, and only just bring him around town to buy groceries and essentials. Not sure if its me or him, but still, I'm only among the other cousins who is daring to actually hang out and visit him. As I know, grandpa loves money and also gambling, something which I partially care about.

Now, I'm already in my final year, things are very hectic, and I need a lot of time in order to concentrate in my courses and final year project. I was doing field work at Seguntor Biomass Power plant, Sandakan when my grandfather called me, as I was busy, I didn't picked the phone. During the evening after the visit ended, I called him only to know that he is sick.

I visited him the next day, despite my lack of sleep, no matter how my perception of him during the past..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just another rainy day..

When the sky grows dark, and growl shutters the skies, mother nature is going to cry, not sure why but maybe mother pities the humans on earth, who are destroying nature and all its beautiful surroundings, all due to wealth and convenience.

Figure 1: Just an evening view on top of  Kokol hill, Menggatal, Sabah.
Rain pours down, slowly and constantly, mother nature's sadness can't be quenched, water from her tears, waters and drains all toxic gases within the air, carrying away all those pesticides and chemicals down river, healing the earth, from all the pollution which humans cause.
Figure 2: The sunset view at Kokol Hill just as mother nature is crying.
Still, this won't stop, and mother nature will cry more and more, the pollution will only grow more terrible until it kills, it retards and causes human life to worsen. This is indeed cruel however it will only stop until the true king comes to save us all. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greedy girl

Figure 1: Greedy girl with two drinks.
She likes food, she likes drinks, and most of the time, she'll have mine too. She'll just grab my drink and take a sip without my permission. She'll demand it and I have to finally give it up and let her have it. She's the greedy girl. She's always with me and she will always ask me to go where she pleases. 
Figure 2: Greedy girl enjoying her drink.
Greedy girl likes to go places and walk anywhere, I get tired so fast but greedy girl still wants to take a walk. So I have to bring her anywhere she wants to go, but I like it when she is happy, especially when greedy girl smiles. Her smile is the most purest smile of all, sometimes I see greedy girl from afar smiling at her friends. It was the most beautiful of all.

Figure 3: Eating her favorite dish.
When greedy girl is hungry, she will ask to pray first, and eat earlier than me, still this happens rarely, and usually we eat together. Greedy girl is very choosy with food and only specific food will make her happy, our taste and opinions may not be the same and we always argue.
Figure 4: Slurping up those spaghettis.
Greedy girl likes really clean places, I don't really care so much about cleanliness until I met her, so now, I have developed a symptom which greedy girl has, which is the feeling of throwing out whenever a bad small or taste effects me. This is serious to me, as I just eat anything I want wherever I am, but now I simply cant. I have to go to clean places, Greedy girl makes me do this.
Figure 5: Want a piece of pizza?
There used to be a time when greedy girl offers me a bite of her special treat, I went and reach out for the special treat, she just pulled it away and eat it herself. Well, I don't mind and probably she won't even remember it anymore. 
Figure 6: I'm done, finish it all up.
Well, when she's done, the left overs will usually be mine, which I will also gobble up in glee. Still, greedy girl is my best friend and the person that I really care about, I don't mind her being greedy or selfish because I am too. So I am happy to have her with me and I wish that we will always go out together like this. I love you greedy girl.