Saturday, June 7, 2014

June '14: Beauty of the night

Figure 1: The scene at Panorama Paradise.
Once in a while, I tend to walk outside when its 2 o' clock in the morning, the ambient that surrounds me is so cold and the only music I hear is the sound of nature. It was pitch black that the only source of light is coming from the skies. 

Its is a beauty to behold, the stars are shinning so brightly and in numbers which are so many that I can't remember the last star that I saw. I am in awe looking at the beautiful glowing sky. It is magical and also something that I have wished to capture.

It's the middle of the year, and there's so much that I have missed, beautiful sunsets and also limited time to do the things that I wanted to do. In everything we do, there's things we need to sacrifice in order to commit to a certain goal we need to achieve.

Figure 2: The owner of Panorama Paradise.
A big thanks to the owner of Panorama Paradise for allowing us a night's stay and enjoying the beauty of nature. If you're interested to contact the owner for bookings here's the link, Panorama Paradise.

Monday, May 12, 2014

May '14: Best Wishes

It has been more than one month and a half since I last posted in my blog. I have been very busy with a lot of issues at my work place as well as preparations for my upcoming big event. I hope that everything goes well within this year not only for me but for all of you out there. 

I was out at in the dark with some lovely people in the night and it was very cold close to the mountain at my homeland. It was pitch black and only lights were far away in the horizon. It was really breath taking the skies. I was so in love with the blanket of shimmering light.

My love saw meteors three times and made wishes three times. I hope her wishes come true, she wouldn't tell me what is it. But she is a blessing to me, and brings happiness to me. I hope that this lasts till death for I know that nothing in this world will be immortalized.

Figure 1: Starry nights.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March '14: Stranded and alone

Have you ever feel stranded and alone in life, when there's nobody to turn to and when times get so tough that you feel you just wanna cry. While listening to some old school music, I closed my eyes and try to reminisce the time when I felt that way.

I used to be like that whenever I return from school, and my father promised to fetch me, but due to my father being late, I am left all alone at school and it was already dark. Still, in the dark alone at the bus stop I have a small shimmering hope that my father will come.

And indeed at the minute that I hold on to this little small hope of mine, lights flashed from a distance and it parked just in front of the bus stop. It was my dad, I never lose hope in him and through out life, he has been the symbol of strength and hope. He is the person I look as a role model.

Figure 1: Stranded and alone at night.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March '14: When you say nothing at all

Figure 1: Light trail.
Emotions is an important part of a human being, without the ability to express your emotions, it is tough to communicate with people well. Emotions make a relationship interesting but it also can have a negative effect if it is adversely translated. One of the hardest thing to achieve is this type of intelligence.

Emotional intelligence can turn a down-side situation upside. A person who has a high amount of emotional intelligence is able to identify the type of emotions before one expresses it. Not only that, but able to assess it and control it. Not only self-control but also the ability to control other's.

Just a little raving, about building up my own ability to control my own emotions when things get so stressed up. I really enjoy expressing but sometimes, I just don't feel like it, especially during a stressful meeting, I make such a long face. I hope to learn and improve on this.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March '14: The spirit of home

Figure 1: Bird's home.
I used to think that I will never ever grow up and leave home. That I will always stay the same and enjoy myself as a kid. Everyday will be happy with my family and the rainbow of joy will never fade away. But that is all a kid's fantasy and in time, I didn't even have a small part of that little kid who used to be almost happy all the time.

There will come a time, when we who used to be kids, grow up and leave home. It takes time for the feeling of wanting to be home to fade away and for some people it really takes a challenge as home is where the heart is. It is also tough for me, but I crushed the feeling in my heart and moved on.

Home is warm and for me it will always be, I will always long for home, and soon I will have a home of my own with my family. I wanted to create a home where everyone living under the shelter feels the same way as I used to feel when I was a kid. That I will work hard for.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 2014: Stars are brightly shining

Figure 1: Early in the morning.
Here I am again, not trying to focus to finish up my work. I am feeling so lazy that I decided to spill out a little bit of me before I continue work. I have been going out but not for photography, all that little spare time left after work is gone with cycling. I have to train harder to be fit and lose weight.

Figure 2: Waves beat the stones.
Still the sunset is so enticing to miss that I decided to try something different, why not cycle during the evening and wake up early in the morning and try to capture the sunrise. Well, the sunrise isn't so awesome as it is blocked by the clouds but the stars are rewarding.

Figure 3: Wishing upon a star.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Late February : Working life

Figure 1: Plant running smooth.
These days I have been so busy, evaluating and creating solutions to various problems. Sometimes I forget what is the foremost important thing to be done. It is always best to take time away from normal working life and take a break. It doesn't matter how long or short, but the interval should be there.

I have been missing beautiful sunsets just to ensure that my workplace is running smooth and everything is in order. I believe it is worth it, but as work tends to reduce in number, I should delegate time to do other things which also relieves my stress.

For everything has its time, I think that the most important one is time for yourself and also family. Nothing last forever and we're only here today, we might not be tomorrow. But things which is still here and now, we must do our best to appreciate it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January busy-ness: My E-day

Figure 1: Her family and me.

Figure 2: Her family father's side.
I finally have the time to open up my blog after being so super busy on the month of January. There are so many events that have happened which makes time pass by so fast that I don't even have time to rest for a while. Even missed a lot of lunches due to the busy-ness.

Figure 3: Me, her and the photographer.
However, one of the most heart-felt event that has happened during the busy month of January is my engagement day. I have been looking forward a lot for this time to happen and this time I am really serious about her, I told her, January, it has to be January. I want her to be a part of me, a part of my family.

Figure 4: My family and her.
She was so happy that I decided to rush it up, and I am so glad that I did. We have known each other for 5 years and that is a very very long time in a relationship. I guess that, one shouldn't take so long as 5 years to figure out that he or she is the right person for you.

Figure 5: My dad's family side.
So I decide to pull the trigger and take a step forward into bringing us together. Life is short and I know that it isn't worth waiting such a long time to be married to the one you really love. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me as I couldn't afford to have another one.
Figure 6: A simple engagement.
So ultimately, my main and true goal is to lose weight and get fit before my photography session which I plan to hold during the middle of the year. I hope to be able to achieve that through my cycling as well as able to smoothly plan financially and also mentally.
Figure 7: You and me.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bicycles: Gift for lil bro

Ever since I am small, I have learned and enjoyed cycling, it brings out the fun in me and since I am not the kind of person who enjoys slow sports or constant speed, this is the perfect exercise machine for me. I have stopped exercising last year and my body is in such a bad shape.

Figure 1: Carbon fiber bars.
 I haven't been able to spend much time with my little brother, who is 10 years younger than me, as much as I wanted too, we are so far away and I only meet him a few times per year. I would like to share the joy of riding a bicycle with him too and if possible the whole family.

Figure 2: SLX shifters.
One of the most essential parts of a bicycle with gears is the shifters. The shifters consists of two, one for the front crank and the other for the cassettes. I have used fiddly and shifters of old, sometimes stuck in one gear and also failing to shift properly causing chains to rail out. These days, shifters are really smooth.

Figure 3: Aluminium alloy frame.
One of the most important safety aspects of the bicycle is the brakes, when going at a fast speed and suddenly your brakes fail, that is where accidents happens. I have upgraded the brakes from wire type to hydraulic so that, the braking mechanism is more powerful.

Figure 4: Carbon stem.
Figure 5: Rear derailleur, cassette shift.

Figure 6: KHS Spidi frame.
I used to be very carefree when I am riding my bicycle, sometime I was too un-focused and didn't look into what direction I am heading to, I ended up in the drain, it was a very painful experience. It is thus important to look ahead while moving forward and handle the bike with safety in mind.

Figure 7: Shimano rims M565.
Figure 8: Disc brakes and shocks.
For most of the part, I have upgraded the bicycle to give my little bro a better biking experience. There are still a few parts which I can't upgrade due to the escalating costs, such as the shock absorbers which cost quite a fortune. Maybe next time.

I really hope he enjoys this mountain bike as much as I do. Bicycles have a way to take out the fun young spirit inside of you, better health and quality life.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Definition: Fun

Figure 1: Fun time.
Last year I took a simple journey from one place to another to meet up with friends and spend time with them in a way that I utilized most of the time of the day to be able to dine well, play games and converse interesting things.

What is your definition of fun? I have had fun days but it seems that what used to be fun long ago is no longer fun at this point of time. Why is that so? Is it because the child named fun inside of me just grew up and threw away his used to be fun toys?

Time and situations changes one, be it their mental maturity as well as their surroundings. It hurts to think that the games I used to enjoy playing no longer has that magic to make me stay and play the whole day. Still, is it that important to just play games till I get old, I believe life is more than that.

I guess its time to find games which are beneficial for me and able to bring out the best in me. I wanted to be a fun person and approachable too. Still there's so much in me that has to change, physically and mentally. I need to be able to cater for both older and younger than me age groups.

It's tough so one step at a time and no high expectations for me though.

Reminiscing 2013: My final four

It is close to 12 o'clock in the midnight, solving problems one by one as they keep piling up with the rain. It seems like every-time I go to work, the load is never-ending. Despite it all, the weather is keeping me away from taking beautiful photos of the sunset. 

I missed the sunsets and that is why I have posted photos mostly of sunsets and landscapes around the place where I lived. Most of the time, whenever I am alone, I take time away to gaze upon the horizon and breathe away the stress and take in the good positive vibes.

Figure 1: Rainbows.
Whenever I see the rainbow, I remember promises, even though the rainbow fades time and time again it appears, sometimes really bright, sometimes pales upon the horizon. The beauty of the rainbow with its vibrant colors never fail to impress me. I always remember God's promises despite the storms of life.

Figure 2: The great divide.
I enjoy solving problems regarding equipment and things which are easily manipulated. However, it is really difficult to be a human problem solver, especially when it causes division and havoc in the work process. It is inevitable really but I can only do so much to mitigate it.

Figure 3: Misty waves.
Whenever I breathe in the warm air from the sea, enjoying and basking in the sunset, I always think of myself relieved of duty and free. It always like that at the end of the day, when I couldn't think no more, I walk on the soft beach, wet my feet in the warm waters and relax.

Figure 4: White rose.
The last photo is the best photo which I can describe to symbolize last year occurrences. It hits me, when a friend of yours lost someone whom they deeply love, and you have no words to comfort them, I am at a loss on how to approach and put the person at ease. In the end, a white rose with comforting words of hope did the favor.

I would like to give a big thanks to Duncan in Kuantan blog for making these photo sharing a great one and also giving the chance to get to know other bloggers who are not only creative in their photos but also inspiring me through this short photo journey.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Reminscing 2013: 5 days fury

It has been five days since I last wrote and posted, I have been very busy with work. It has been quite a stressful start of 2014 with sudden workload and emergent works to attend to, but I know that this is a challenging start for me.
Since I missed five days of the 2013 top photos, I decide to post 5 photos with short descriptions on why I have chosen these photos and the impact that it has given me for last year 2013. It has been a great year with fruitful experience.
Figure 1: The bride.
Last year, I have the opportunity to capture the wedding of my cousin at a church in my homeland. I was so happy to be able to capture the moment even though I was using such an old camera whilst the official photographers are using the best.
Figure 2: My dad and todu.
In figure 2, this shows the photo of my dad with todu, or his aunt, my dad was born and raised in the village area and he was raised as a farmer and almost don't made it to school if it wasn't for his mother. My dad has made a lot of sacrifice for me and my family.

Figure 3: Phoenix.
During this point of time, I was so sad that I wasn't able to capture the sunset due to the horrendous weather, this is what I am also feeling right now as it is rainy and the clouds always blocks the beautiful light. But whenever I see this picture of a rising phoenix, I smiled. 

Figure 4: Strike.
Capturing motion of the waves is one of my favorite subject when the weather is sublime and dull. This is one of the part of the beach in the island where the waves are slightly strong but doesn't crashes too hard on the sands. Motion capture fascinates me.

Figure 5: Droplet reflections.
It rained so much last year that I can't go out and capture much of the landscapes, so while it wasn't drizzling so heavily I used a macro lens and capture this droplet on the leaf, I was lucky to be able to get this shot as I wasn't supported by tripod.

So these are the five captures that I can share due to my busy schedule at work, which I am current at now. All in all I would like to give thanks to God for his abundant blessings in life.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: Misty low tide

Figure 1: Rocky sunset.
The tide is low, and the stones starts to emerge from the waters. Live seaweeds still linger on top of the stones subject to die at the merciless heat of the sun. Unlike the circle of life, the circle of the tides always reoccur and will only stop when time ends.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: Tiger Lily

Black and white photos stand in an arena of their own, where without colors it tries to portray an image by the intensity of black and white tones, texture of the image and almost purely by composition. It is easy to capture a black and white image with today's camera's but to create a stunning one is the challenge.

Figure 1: Lily in B&W.
I captured this lily using a fix focal prime lens. It allows me to isolate the lily from the other subjects as so to show its texture as well as shape. The light pink color of the lily is beautiful, but I decide to convert this image into black and white just to see how it does.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: Environment blues

With temperatures rising every year and the weather getting more and more unpredictable, it seems that mother nature is retaliating against us. Mankind who is tasked to take care of the world has grown greedy and has neglected protecting nature. It is saddening to me.

Figure 1: Bottled up sunset.
Food for thought, with organic food becoming a rarity and expensive product to buy, food is getting more and more artificial. With fast food being the favorites of today's generation, it seems like natural and healthy food is getting scarce to date. It seems like a global food problem will arise soon.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: Fading away slowly

Sometimes I felt like just melting away and fade into the horizon. With all the loneliness that is around me. All I can think is of you, far away across the ocean. Take note that the magenta tint in the horizon is due to the cheaper filters which I used.

Figure 1: Fading away in the horizon.
This is one of the first pictures of myself, when I learned how to use filters and just got into long exposure photography. It seems like you can make yourself almost invisible by using long exposure with neutral density (ND) filters. I am indeed fascinated with landscape photography.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: Night lights

As much as I love to capture the sunsets, I always end up coming home late from work. Last year, I was so busy, even till this January due to the work load I always missed or don't have the opportunity to even see the sun set into the horizon. 

Figure 1: Colourful shimmering night lights.
For me, living in an island, the most spectacular views are always early in the morning or when the sun is going to set. The golden hour, everytime I look at it it makes my stress go away. Still I can't make it all the time, so the night lights will do too.

Reminiscing 2013: Small lady

A not so smooth start for the new year 2014, I felt so uneasy and not psyched. I feel so small and fragile. I don't even dare to face other people. I feel like I don't belong in this world and everything is a large distance away. I am scared and scarred. 

Figure 1: Mi Ladybird.
But mi lady is strong, she can go great distance one day even if she's small. It is inspiring to see how this small creature lives and survives in such a diverse ecology where one has so much predators around. Even in its short life span, it lives its fullest.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: Reflections

I am addicted to sunsets ever since I am small, as they are the times of the day, besides sunrise, where the skies turn yellow, orange and red. A lot of warm colors are activated during the golden hour of the day. This one is about reflections, and during this time I reflected about myself.

Figure 1: When waters are calm, you see reflections.
The challenge is also to capture it at the right moment. If you arrived too late, just in time to set up your camera out of the bag, the light will soon turn to darkness and you'll miss your shot. So there's the timing as well as how you want to find a different angle for different creative shots.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: China Town, KT

It is my first time going to this part of my country. A place filled with history and culture mixed up all together to form a nice place. Old places are falling apart but surprisingly this part of town is still maintained well and I was fortunate to be able to take a picture.
Figure 1: Me at Chinatown.
My friend, Rey, who was a local at this place brought me around town. I chose this photo as a reminder to myself to be moderate and temperate in what I partake. I have gained so much weight due to high intake but low energy usage. Still jovial though.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Kick start 2014

A great start for the new year 2014, I went out cycling with some cycling buddies for new year. It is different from all the other years before as this time, I am really serious about making cycling a routine. I have to admit that it is tough to keep my weight in check.

I have exercise mood swing, I used to jog everyday and go to gym. However, I got bored of doing the rounds again and again, every day its almost the same. I went to gym, but at the gym, I got so tired and got back home very late that I dislike the time spend.

So, last year 2013, my friend introduced me to cycling, where he lent me his mountain bike, which I eventually bought cheap second hand from him. I learned a fun way to exercise my body and meet more friends who share the same passion. I hope this last and I enjoyed every trip on the bike.

I decided to myself that if I do get fit and back into shape, I would get a nice road bike for me. Well, at least that is something to get me motivated in the long run. I know it ain't going to be easy but I know where to start now. At least for now the passion is burning. 

Figure 1: Bianchi Impulso.

Reminiscing 2013: Back to Labuan

After studying and being away from the island for quite sometime, I have never thought of returning back to the place where I grew up and spend my childhood life. The Pearl of the South China Sea is where my family grew and there are tons of memories. Friends, family and the good times and bad times.

Figure 1: The clock tower.
I got a job at the place where my dad used to work, and I felt so blessed for the opportunity to work there. Thus working and living in Labuan is one of the significant event that has happened in my life for the past year 2013. The clock tower wasn't there when I was growing up, but when I came, there it is.

Be blessed everyone.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reminiscing 2013: Milky sunset

Year 2013 is a year filled with sunsets, a moment when day will soon turn into night. The transition in between results in a golden hour which simply captures my heart. I enjoy capturing the waves and seascapes during this hour.

Figure 1: Milky wave.
Thus my second picture of reminiscing year 2013 is a picture of a sunset which is a mix of red, yellow and orange with contrast to the blue skies. Using slow shutter technique, my desire is to capture the soft movement of the waves.