Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 2014: Stars are brightly shining

Figure 1: Early in the morning.
Here I am again, not trying to focus to finish up my work. I am feeling so lazy that I decided to spill out a little bit of me before I continue work. I have been going out but not for photography, all that little spare time left after work is gone with cycling. I have to train harder to be fit and lose weight.

Figure 2: Waves beat the stones.
Still the sunset is so enticing to miss that I decided to try something different, why not cycle during the evening and wake up early in the morning and try to capture the sunrise. Well, the sunrise isn't so awesome as it is blocked by the clouds but the stars are rewarding.

Figure 3: Wishing upon a star.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Late February : Working life

Figure 1: Plant running smooth.
These days I have been so busy, evaluating and creating solutions to various problems. Sometimes I forget what is the foremost important thing to be done. It is always best to take time away from normal working life and take a break. It doesn't matter how long or short, but the interval should be there.

I have been missing beautiful sunsets just to ensure that my workplace is running smooth and everything is in order. I believe it is worth it, but as work tends to reduce in number, I should delegate time to do other things which also relieves my stress.

For everything has its time, I think that the most important one is time for yourself and also family. Nothing last forever and we're only here today, we might not be tomorrow. But things which is still here and now, we must do our best to appreciate it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January busy-ness: My E-day

Figure 1: Her family and me.

Figure 2: Her family father's side.
I finally have the time to open up my blog after being so super busy on the month of January. There are so many events that have happened which makes time pass by so fast that I don't even have time to rest for a while. Even missed a lot of lunches due to the busy-ness.

Figure 3: Me, her and the photographer.
However, one of the most heart-felt event that has happened during the busy month of January is my engagement day. I have been looking forward a lot for this time to happen and this time I am really serious about her, I told her, January, it has to be January. I want her to be a part of me, a part of my family.

Figure 4: My family and her.
She was so happy that I decided to rush it up, and I am so glad that I did. We have known each other for 5 years and that is a very very long time in a relationship. I guess that, one shouldn't take so long as 5 years to figure out that he or she is the right person for you.

Figure 5: My dad's family side.
So I decide to pull the trigger and take a step forward into bringing us together. Life is short and I know that it isn't worth waiting such a long time to be married to the one you really love. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me as I couldn't afford to have another one.
Figure 6: A simple engagement.
So ultimately, my main and true goal is to lose weight and get fit before my photography session which I plan to hold during the middle of the year. I hope to be able to achieve that through my cycling as well as able to smoothly plan financially and also mentally.
Figure 7: You and me.