Saturday, January 19, 2013

Values in Life

Figure 1: Island is at low tide.
When I look at my father, I see a real man, someone who has strong core values and is persistent to keep them. These values have ensured that my family is well cared and well taught. Through the values he have portayed, until now I have strong respect to him and he is my role model.
Even my late grandfathers, they show strong values, which can be a positive strength to one's self, I especially learned from my mother's side late grandfather that no matter where you stand, as long as you serve the community, no matter what is your position, you're the man.

I see men these days are so adrift, meaning to say that they don't have the drive that their fathers or grandfathers have. They don't seem to have the ambition or the sense to strive for better goals. So without that purpose and sense of direction, soon ladies will overtake men.

Maybe its the culture, economy or social shifts. Still it is important to know your values, your roots in order to have that sense of purpose as well as direction. By understanding our values we can be confident in ourselves and life wouldn't be so "complicated".

For myself, my core values are in the God which I trust and put all my faith into, my family who I will be always loyal to and serve wherever opportunity that allows me to. It is important for me to be kind to others and treat them as I want them to treat me. 

There are a lot more values which are very important in life. Hold on to those treasured values and principles.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I am not a really vocal person, nor do I talk a lot, but there are always times and opportunities in which I would just want to speak out but due to the circumstances and in most part, my confidence isn't at its peak, I failed to voice it out due to the fear of the outcome.

This fear in me has caused me to be quiet and only speak when it is necessary, I find that to be a negative thing especially when it comes to my department meeting, I must change that and be aware of things and happenings around me. I must voice my opinions out.

It is very tough challenge for me as someone who is used to being very introvert but I believe that I can change it to make myself more useful to serve others. Oh well, this is it then. I need to change and if my cheese is moved then I need to adapt.