Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A short one

Will be going to another country soon and won't be able to blog for the time being. I hope I will achieve my goals during this time abroad. However, I'll just do my best and let God do the rest. A lot of events came rushing in to me these days. It really rained on me.

I'll take it lightly, slowly and enjoy the experience this time.

Till then take care and be blessed..

Sunday, November 25, 2012


This weekend, I decide to go for a nature walk away from the busyness of life. It's been almost a week since I've stopped working and I felt strange when this certain responsibilities of my ex-comp seems to make me feel somewhat empty. December is coming soon so I need to prepare myself for the transition.
Figure 1: A small water flow.
I switched off my phone and bringing only essentials and a fully charged digital SLR along, I marched towards the rain forest. It's been so long since I've inhaled fresh air, the sound of insects, rustling of the leaves seems so different than what I normally hear day to day.

I hiked through the woods, it is damp and the air is humid, stretching my legs and sweating it out seems a luxury for my body. It has been ages since I have felt so physically challenged and I simply love the feeling of it. Warm sweat runs wets my whole body.
Figure 2: Moss covered rock stream.
Time seems to freeze itself in the forest, since I am alone, it seems as if the leaves of the trees has eyes, constantly looking at me. The air is so refreshing and I can't help but inhale and exhale it as if it has been my first time ever breathing. 

I have been so busy with work that I forgot everything about the beauty of mother nature surrounding me. Its a blessing from the heavens which money can never buy. I wish to escape from this world, I do, but life doesn't permits that and I won't give up till my last breath..

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cold cold heart..

Speak as you might,
Those words may never seems right,
Thinking for the best,
Still haven't tried your hardest..

As you walk through this night,
Shining past me as if silent,
The wisp of pain is slight,
Showering me with fright..

Seeing through your heart,
Never knowing what is right,
Seems like you truly crave it,
The never ending winter blight..

A tear drops from the light,
Spills onto your cold heart,
Warm tear melts a part,
Slowly disappearing into the dark..

"The heart is hidden from most eyes, it can deceive without knowing yet also show the truest colors of life"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Together ~ Forever

Recently I went back to my homeland, I discovered something so peculiar about two people who used to make fun of each other. One is a boy and one is a girl, the girl is a very active person and always give smiles to everyone around her, while this boy likes to play a fool and has a very funny personality.
Figure 1: Excited on the swing.
I really like to be around them, as I am not a really noisy or active person when it comes to socializing but I am improving. I am slowly opening up to people and as I get older, hanging out with people who makes me laugh and smile causes my face to have laugh lines.

The last time I met her and it was last year, we were karaoke-ing together, and suddenly after she sang a song, she cried out and was reluctant to tell why. Then I get to know that she was cheated by her now ex-boyfriend and it was tough for her to get over it. 
Figure 2: Caught in action.
Back to the peculiar behavior of these two people, I found that, about two months ago they are already hanging out and holding hands in secret. When I asked them if it is true or not? She shyly said yes. I am happy that the two of them get together despite always making fun of each other. Glad she met someone who can make her forget her past sadness.
Figure 3: Happy together.
Since they don't have pictures together I decide to give them a simple couple photo-shoot. I enjoyed doing it as they are good friends of mine, and it makes me happy to have them pose up together as a couple. I really do hope that they will in the future be a happily married couple.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


That song Yesterday, struck a thought in my mind, it was only yesterday I stopped working and left a place with a job routine that was so familiar. It seems so easy and everything was smooth. However life makes a turn which leads me to a decision for a switch. Now, my cheese just moved, not so far away though.

A change in something which I have been doing for a long time feels like a huge wave, crashing away, seems to be messing up all those well structured buildings which I have built, washing away all those weak links of my design. The change however is not such a tsunami to wipe away everything.

What happen yesterday I will never forget, all those good, bitter, tasteless and sour memories will always stay in me. Whenever I look back and recall, I always smiled, especially reminiscing those hard times and facing those challenges which sometimes caused me to want to drop down and give up.

Its a lifetime lesson which gives me strength for today and wisdom for tomorrow. That is my "Yesterday".

Friday, November 16, 2012

Last Convocation

Figure 1: Chemical Engineer, Electronics Engineer and Teacher.
Last month I attended my junior friends convocation at my homeland's local university, due to a very busy schedule I wasn't able to write about it. It was a very memorable event for them as it is for me to capture their wonderful moments of graduating.

Finally after 3 to 4 years of struggling to complete courses in the university they are finally able to pass and graduate with degree scrolls in their hands. After surviving wave after wave of horrendous semesters, my little and "big" friends finally made it.

When people say, 3-4 years just for a piece of paper, think again, the experience of studying and struggling to pass papers to the fun experience of university life with friends from different background. I say, once you've been through university life, that is one of the best part in your life between high-school and working life. 
Figure 2: University Graduates.
That said, I am so happy to be with them despite missing a day of convocation due to work responsibilities which limits me to go earlier. Thank God that few days of October was great despite my work tensions, it was a very wonderful experience. 

It will maybe be the last convocation I will attend in this university, I was so glad.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ticking Clock

Time passes by so fast, it seems as though what seems an eternity at first yet slips away at a mere blink of an eye. I felt like it was just yesterday, I went into the company and shake everyone's hand. (almost everyone I think). But now, just 2 days more I'll complete my resignation process.

Its time to move on they say, to greener pastures where the cows get better grass. I'm not relating myself to being a cow but through the hard work I have encountered which tested my every capabilities, I survived, sometimes barely, sometimes missing an speeding arrow just by an inch.

It is easy to get hurt, fall down and give up, but to gain the strength to stand up tall and rise up again needs powerful support from the higher powers. I have tried to rely on my own strength but keep failing terribly despite my confidence.

The clock is ticking, but I'll never know when my body clock will stop ticking. All I know is I have a purpose in life, and that is to serve and do my best in everything that needs to be done.