Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's late..

Figure 1: It's too late.
If there is something that we truly want to do, do not wait for the opportunity and chance to do it will be gone. Nothing is certain about the future, something that we think will be there when we need it may be gone the second we seek for it. 

Time doesn't care about your actions it just passes and the actions of others can never be predicted. If there is anything to be assured of, act now, realize that tomorrow will never be the same as it used to be everyday before.

When it's already too late, regrets and sadness will consume you. Able to handle it or not depends on your willpower. I've regretted my decision before, so now, this time, I'll never let go, if I do, I know I'll regret it for life.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Black Monday

Lot's of problems, feeling so tired, weary, felt like every muscle in my body just mushed up and my bones broken all over. As soon as I reach office, problems came non-stop. From site to site, it seems like the problems keep heaping up on me.

Pressured up as if I am a piece of chicken in a pressure cooker, I felt like bursting out. Still, thank God my thoughts are still sane and I sat down gasping, held up my breath for a while and prioritize. Even the most tedious work can be arranged and worked out perfectly.

So at the end of the day, which I am gladly it ended with lots of problems solved. Black Monday ended, with just only a few minor problems which can be rectified by my other colleagues. Too tired to do anything, I rushed home and showered myself to bed. Zzz..

Friday, May 4, 2012

Locked out

It was late, been busy with the the project's commissioning and ensuring that everything in the process goes according to plan or at least as close to it. No time to catch lunch these few days and luckily due to the painful experience from gastric I stocked some whole wheat biscuits in the office.
Figure 1: Tool in my pocket.
I was so busy that I even forget to have fun these few days and worse of all, one night, I forgot my house keys. That was when I begin to fret over myself and before deciding to break my door, I calmed myself down and think. As I was moving about, I realized the clinking sound in my pockets.

I pulled the metal thingy out of my pocket and discovered it is a handy tool. I am not so experienced at lock-picking but I've done a few locks when I was still schooling. Ah, at least this is worth a try rather than breaking my door and replacing it with a new door lock and knob.

So I attempted this feat, with a small torch from my hand-phone and this tool actually have an LED light too. It took me like two hours to actually undo the latch of the door and finally it opened. I was sweating back then, a little bit frustrated and very tired. I fixed up what I opened, showered and went immediately to sleep.

That's what I get for being so pre-occupied and busy with what so ever that fun and menial things doesn't matter anymore. I'm going out to get some fresh air. Can't wait for end of this month, I'll be back to homeland once my project is done. Hurrah!!!