Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shades of Green

Since it has been an undeniably hot week, I'll just rave on something that is pleasing and not hurting the eyes, the color of  greenery which is soft and have a cooling effect when looked upon. Green color has always been a no for me to wear as I'm more into darker styling and not bright nature colors.

But I'm started to get attracted to the shades of green,
Figure 1: Chili.
 I simply love spices and spicy food always seems to surround me, this little peppery like chili is my favorite, it has a wonderful aroma when cooked and even eaten raw. This color of green is also a favorite.
Figure 2: Nike Dunk SB "Feel Good".
 This Nike SB Dunk Hi is my first pair of SB soles which are green in color and some accent of red, I like the textured leather and this colorway is very unique. These pair of shoes are very comfortable for long walks.
Figure 3: Unripe bananas.
These bananas are taken in early to be ripen up by itself due to the weight of the fruit causing the banana tree to bend. The color of green on these bananas are also eye cooling to my eyes.

Still there's a softer, lighter part of me which wants to explore green. Not too much just a little.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hot weather

It has been a very hot week, I mean it as in the weather is very hot and the skies are barely covered with sun. As I walked under this hot desert-like heat, I wonder what's up with the weather, why is it so hot these few days, even my bath is like sauna. 

The un-sweet smell of sweat seems to cover every inch of my body as I walked back from lunch. The sun is just so cruel, but I just imagine those who are living just in the middle of the equator, I think they got used to the heat. At least the heat here is so-so, only these days it gets too hot.

Maybe the earth just got tilted a few degrees and now the place I'm currently at is just as hot as Africa. Still, no complains as I reached the control room and the air-conditioning is just perfect for a hot day. It seems as though I just worked out despite the short walk from the cafeteria. 

Though at the end of the day, the sun is just glorious.
Figure 1: Sun rests after a radiating day.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Nylon

My pair of hi-cut nylon grey Converse Chuck Taylor's shoes just arrived from Crossover Concept Store and took the time to get some first out of the box photos. Got really stuck with these CT's after my first trial with the low cut grey pair. They really fit my dress-up style and are amazingly comfortable for such simple shoes. 

Plus they're cheaper than the regular Adidases or Nikes.  
Figure 1: Top view.
Figure 2: Side View.
Figure 3: Close up and Logo.
Figure 4: Soles.
I am really selective about a specific shoes, firstly with the Converse Chuck Taylor, I don't really like too striking colors unless it is breath-taking to look at. Still I haven't seen a breath-taking pair of soles in such a long time. This pair will serve as my 2nd pair of soles from Converse.

Liked both soles in hi-cut and low cut. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anger management

Figure 1: Small packing problem, big impact.
Well, today didn't worked out so well...

It seems that problems come here and there, a long-long time ago I used to be  very fiery and filled with raging anger. Wouldn't write much about what I've already written before but today, I really managed to be a pretty good manager of myself, especially my feelings and self-conduct during times when people just can't cease to shout out loudly (SOL).

With the stress of sudden emergency and the need to rush important procedures, people, especially those who are elderly, tend to release their stress by shouting, giving orders with loud panic-inciting, fast-unclear orders which I preferably feel the urge to shake the senses out of those people.

My section is a very vital section in my place of work, and every now and then whenever there is certain problems especially serious emergency situations, where other sections are involved, my section is to act fast and rectify the problem and this is where the tension arises.

So, with my jovial and carefree mood of the day, I was rushed by one of those veteran uppers, rushed and brushed with panicky shouting. I was quite immune, maybe this is due to the fact that I have experienced almost every kind of scolding and also done too much raging when I was young that I was quite calm.

What I used to fist and curse last time, now I just take it in and dissolve it into nothingness. Some of my peers are quite amazed at my ability to handle that and due to that, as every situation turns out well as I handled it without any serious problems, they call me Mr.Lucky guy.

That seriously made me smiled despite all the tensions around me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Woke up at 2am in the morning and felt so blue. Just can't sleep for a bit, thinking of little things which matters the most to me. Had some mixed feelings and tried to sort it out calmly but failed miserably. Listened to this song for a bit, a song which I really liked since the 90s.

Arrghh!! I always hate to look back and think. I just need to get back to sleep.

Monday, February 20, 2012


I am a very selfish and stingy person, who always thinks of himself first and others later. The same goes for my siblings, I used to have all the toys for myself when I was a kid and share them only after I get bored of it or broken. I am slightly different now but still have those not so goodness in me.

I think of them every now and then, my sisters and my brother. Since my sisters are girls, I think more of them than my brother who is a better version of me in terms of games and studies. He is taller and looks more "handsome" than me too. So best think of my sisters.

So, since I recently met them early this month, I asked them what would they want, so, since they saw my vault "o" soles. They wanted soles. So soles shall I give them. I let them choose any shoe they want as long as it is of good quality, no matter the price. 

Price is irrelevant when I'm sincerely giving gifts. Especially when it comes to people who matters. My sister  after me choose the Vans, as she is less posh and more cold. My little sister who is more lady-like and lively chooses the Adidas. In a jiffy, I got the order and cash transfer done.

To keep it shorter. Here are the pictures which my little sister posted as she was very happy with the shoes.
Figure 1: Adidas Stan Kawaii Mid.

Figure 2: My little sister loves these shoes.

Figure 3: Adidas Stan Kawaii Mid.
These shoes are based on the Adidas Stan Smith which is a very famous tennis shoes endorsed by the famous no.1 tennis player Stan Smith. With tweaks here and there, I barely recognized these shoes as the details of the original shoe is almost absent. Still great looking shoes from the trefoil.

My sister next to me got the wrong sizing, so I've send it back to the retail shop to make a size replacement for her Vans and post it to her university. Anyways, glad my sisters liked their gifts. Thank God for giving me wonderful sisters and family.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Time flutters by..

Figure 1: Right tools for the right application.
Days passes by so fast that it's already the middle of the month. I have been so busy with work that I didn't realize that time is fluttering away like pages blown by a strong breeze. I am so glad to have finished up my project proposal just in time for commencing after my day of rest.

There's been a lot of jitters here and there, lots of disagreement between peers and bosses and finally I drafted my proposal and got it signed. There's no more headache and heart-ache after finally sorting out the final pages of my proposal. I am so pleased and relieved. Just before my day of rest.

When I was back at the homeland, I used to teach my little nephews how to write hanzi or Chinese characters, I thought them numbers from single digit to thousands, simple polite greetings as well as directions, time, date and things.

My nephews were so eager to learn and they just don't give up and kept asking for more till I'm actually out of ideas and have to refer to a formal Chinese dictionary. I really enjoy teaching little kids who are so innocent-like that when they concentrate sometimes it makes me smile naturally. "Which I don't usually do".

I miss them, these little naughty kids, one time, they were fighting and hitting each other, the next they're their best friends. However, it is not the same when teaching elder people or adults. Especially since I'm younger of age and was given the responsibility to train them.

From the adults, I always get lazy answers as well as slow response. When they argue, they go on non-stop without even thinking of the actual purpose of arguing. Maybe it's their ego, I plainly have some too, but not enough to actually raise my voice. I'll just say, use the right tool for the right application.

I'll just wait for the right moment when there's no solution, then I'll just shut them up with a slice of solution and march out the presentation room for them to work out the rest. They're adults and so called professionals, so let them think. I hope I won't turn into one of them one of these days, but who knows.

I'll always love being around with kids, those who are young at heart and easy to smile. Always be playing around wisely and be collecting my collectibles. For now, after a hectic few weeks of February, let me rest for a day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Couldn't seem to sleep and kept waking up, reaching out for something comforting but couldn't as it all seemed so faraway. Those strings which are music to my ears, aren't within my grasp. I remember every moment spent together, feeling and strumming those six strings in harmony.

Those feeling are so faraway without the instrument in my hands. I can't remember why I didn't bring my solid wooden panel guitar back then. Now since I am without, I realized my loss. I am a very forgetful person, even if the memories are there, to actually feel them I need those strings.

"It scares me if I feel numb and can't feel that memory."

Whenever I take hold of it, I can remember my friend, teaching me lead notes of "Nothing Else Matters" which is about 8 years ago and another friend singing to me Nicholas Tse's song, "Without Me" last year. There are other songs which reminds me of how I felt during every significant memory in timeline mode.

"I can't seem to remember how it feels to be singing to her on my guitar."

It's a shame I didn't have those strings with me right now. I'll buy a solid one next month, might be very expensive, but might be worth it for the feeling, just for that moment and whenever I can't sleep I can lullaby myself to death. For now, I'll just force myself to sleep.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small Specks..

Little tiny specks aren't always visible to the eyes, it takes sheer attention and complete concentration to take attention towards the smallest details. Not everyone has this substantially useful gift, therefore, only few people pay attention to detail as well as process every single little information be it verbally or visually.
Figure 1: Sand.
Through-out life, missing those small but important specks of details is sometimes missing something big or not missing anything at all. It all depends solely on the individual, what matters and what doesn't, however paying attention where it truly matters costs a lot in my line of thinking.
Figure 2: Food.
It is not about the little detail which causes problems, but those little details which makes life beautiful not only for self but also to others who matters much to you. Though, paying a little attention to the food I take is sometimes hard and often overlooked. This has to be improved as these play important aspect in self health.
Figure 3: Lights.
Paying too much attention to detail somehow works my mind out, especially in a problem related to my field, where the unexpected is to be expected. Too much of this makes me dizzy and drives me nuts sometimes, so I needed ample rest. 

So, paying little attention to detail is bad for quality, while too much attention to detail is crazy thus be moderate and considerable. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Denial

Figure 1: After work thinking.
For the last few years I've been living in denial, not accepting the views of others even though they are people elder and more matured than me. Denying the fact that what they are implying to me as superficial judging and never been in depth with the real person I am. 

The fact that people who are close to me, my family, I have been always considering their thoughts rather than some far away distant relatives or family friends who sometimes regard me as distant, ill disciplined, insultingly rude and an uprightly impudent  person.

Maybe I looked arrogant and rarely smiled, prefer to be solitary and doesn't talk much to people who doesn't share the similar interest with me or with a high level of ego & self made confidence. False impressions as well as expectation will deny me that certain person raising it as well.

I am living & working now in a place far away from those people, making friends with people not native to my own. My wish is to be only close to people who have built me up and actually contributed during my lifetime. I can't deny the fact I am filled with impurities and am imperfect.

It does hurt to be compared & bench-marked,
"It's so hard to be acceptable to everyone, guess I'll just do my best?"

To be expecting so much yet contributed so little,
"Am I being in denial or simply filled with selfishness?" 

Life isn't perfect and smooth flowing, but in my situation,
"Why does it always have to be superficial & fake?"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank you

Smiles from strangers are not to be expected but I was very lucky to have a few smiles despite the hustle and bustle of the city. A ride in a Mercedes Benz from someone I never knew, happens twice already. I simply gave a red note and say "thank you and have a nice day". 

Someone = stranger, I never knew speaking to me casually and offering me an apple for a change. I didn't eat it though as I am scared it  is poisoned. A simple thank you is my simple reply to that random kindness. I can never turn down such offer even though I am not tempted to eat it.

I am so random and loves to spend my off-days strolling around and get mixed up instead of just resting in my room. Someone came up to me asking for donations for some kids at Phillipines, but since there is a slight hint of fraud and something feels not so right, I say, No, thank you.

All these few words of "Thank you", gave each of the someones a smile which I love to watch. I am blessed to be taught by my parents and friends the art of being courteous. That is a gift which I can be thankful of for the rest of my life.

"My mom blushed & smiled when I say thank you for such a delicious dinner"

These simple yet heart-felt words are getting more rarer than my collectibles that one day someone will want to die to hear it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last January, troubles keep coming up at work that sometimes I can't have decent sleep. While the section I'm leading is silky smooth, other section are struggling with trouble which stirs problems. Since the troubles are handled well, I am so grateful.
Figure 1: I believe.
Now I'm relaxing and taking my beauty sleep, appreciating the moment when no calls of trouble approach me. I fully understand that without any trouble or problems we can't possibly learn or experience to it first hand. I take troubles as my opportunity to fix it.

Trouble and Triumphs are friends of mine.

Converse test drive

Just went for a long walk with my new pair of  Converse shoes, seems comfortable enough, though not so much cushioning as available in the Adidas or Nike shoes but it is adequate enough to keep me firm on the ground without hurting my foot every step of the journey.

After a ride in a Mercedes Benz once again, I reached home and wasn't so satisfied with my long walk..


I decide to bring it to an hour long jungle trekking. This involves walking on rough terrain, mud and the occasional small wet streams. During the hike these pair of shoes fail to slip and its grip is "legendary". Got wet in the crossing of one of the small streams and yet the grip stays "legendary". 

Why I mentioned "legendary"? Going down 70° inclined hill with no loss of grip is definitely something for an almost flat soled vintage basket ball shoes.

I did messed up the vulcanized soles a bit, till its a bit yellowish even after washing it, still it's nice for a little bit used and vintage feature. I am totally satisfied with these shoes after this trekking sessions.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I was staring out at the blue when I didn't realize that I was staring at a girl, she was pretty in make up yet when she looked at me, she was the most beautiful when she's smiling.
Figure 1: Down right true.
No matter how plain or pretty as a person you are, the moment you smiled, that is when you look so beautiful that stars will fall from the skies. Just a metaphor. 

Keep smiling everyone, at every happy moment, some sad ones too, and during those hard times, this will make life more vibrant not only for yourselves but for others as well.