Sunday, October 30, 2011

November Rains..

It's the last day of October and it rained heavily today with its share of thunder. It has been a very hot November at the place I am currently am and it rarely rains. The grasses are near to death, so the heavy rain at the end of October is indeed heaven sent.

I had a great rest despite the thunderstorm outside. Slept soundly and woke up filled with energy. End of the month is here, next month will be a better and different month filled with more challenges. I hope for strength and continue to rely on God's guidance and blessings.

I am having the Monday blues on this cool airy day. Half day of work today. Farewell October, thank you very much for the experiences. Welcome November with its new adventures and experiences.


Just finished a very challenging job, patience is a key to its success. So, the key is to be patient and never giving up.
Figure 1: Three Phase LEDs.
Patience is a word which I learned since I was a little kid, for I was filled with impatience. Patience was taught to me in quite a harsh way as I am a very hard headed little kid. I always shout out so loud for attention and was disciplined in a very painful physical manner.

I found out that I always learned something the hard way, instead of realizing the benefits and immediately turning a new leaf. Still patience faraway, and I was uncontrollable as I reached my teenage years. My tantrum effected people around me, even those close to me almost gave up.

I praise God that they didn't and somehow as time passes by, all the hormones probably drained out of me, and I became a more calm and outgoing person. I accept all those calamity and hurts caused onto me without retaliating. This gave me a new way of thinking as well as new insight in life.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Imagination broadens..

Since I was a little kid, I hate to read. My life is filled with games, hanging out with friends and more games. I am a true example of a gaming addict, I grew so adept at my games that I even started to gamble real money online. It ended abruptly due to the relatively expensive internet bills which was a fact about 10 years ago.

I never had the passion to even touch a book, either spiritual nor educational. I have lots of books of course, bought by my loving parents, yet I barely touched them. Even reading homework given by my teacher wasn't read by me, but I simply asked my friend to eventually tell me the whole story.

I manage to make it through my high school days with decent results even by barely even touching a book unless forced onto me. I never had any intention to actually open up a book and start to eventually read and digest any information from it. Am I lazy or I don't have interest? I myself couldn't decipher myself at the time.

To keep the story short, when I reached university, I was forced to read in order to pass my tests, and it was never voluntary. I even asked my girlfriend to study ahead of me and teach me. This was usually futile as I have to read and actually teach her. So in the end, it's all about reading and studying just to survive university.

One day, my sister, introduced me to a book, she asked me to read it and of course I didn't. I didn't read it until I finally landed a job and started a new life as a working person. I found that I have nothing to do on my rest day and absolutely nothing of interest came to my mind.

So I opened my bag and found that there is a book in it, I was shocked as to find something which I really have no interest in popped right in front of my eyes. Finally, without much effort, I opened up the book and start to read. I fell asleep at the introductory paragraph, but as soon as I woke and start to read the first chapter, I simply got hooked. I don't know why.

I read it until the next day, I didn't slept the whole night. It was a truly magical book. It's a book written by Neil Gaiman entitled Anansi Boys. The book rocks, seriously. It opened up my mind and imagination by simply just reading. It's like a new music in me and that music really makes me dance inside out.
Figure 1: Anansi Boys.
I have to thank my sister for this gift. I can now read with a broadened imagination. Reading is now a part of my passion besides my collectibles. Anansi Boys a truly recommended novel.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Figure 1: Workplace firegrate.
Been very busy the last few days and didn't have the leisure to even check my personal mail or even blog. Going back home from work just makes me more eager to get a fresh bath and immediately crash on my bed. I'm so out of energy since more work is imposed onto me. 

I'm improving in my work as an engineer and the experience has indeed given me a positive impact. Still as work and me finding more work, meaning I see a lot of improvements need to be done to the plant, I grew quite weary mentally and also a bit physically.

I'm still hanging on to the fact that I gathered all my rest days and off days just for my convocation, so imagine, about a month without any rest. Still, I believe its not impossible and of course to get my mind preoccupied until I get back home. I seriously miss my family and also friends. I especially miss my lovely special friend.

Still, payday is coming soon, motivates me and also urges me to start investing.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lord's Prayer..

This is my model prayer..

Matthew 6:9-13

"Our Father in heaven,
hallowed  be thy name.
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
on earth as it is on heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors,
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil."


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Figure 1: The Jimmies.
Looking at my old photos, I can't help but realize that, there are a lots of photo which I haven't actually seen, such as the photo in Figure 1. This photo is taken using big jimmy's aka Fernandez camera and I took all his photos but it has been almost a year since I have taken the time to actually see it.

The photo consists of big jimmy on the left hand side, me in the middle and original jimmy aka Wenddel my cousin. This photo was taken during a trip to Kudat and it is indeed a memorable trip filled with fun and laughter. 

Back to the photos, ever since photos are made into digital form, the possibilities and the number of photos are endless till the limitation of your camera's battery or memory card. So most of these photos ended up either in your hard drive or stowed away in a full memory card. 

I barely remembered when is the last time I actually went to a photo shop to actually print out my pictures to make an album. I wish I would do that as photos in my laptop will eventually be a forgotten memory or if there's some lurking evil virus, then the memory will be lost.

Early next year, I'm thinking of obtaining a digital SLR, Canon made, either an entry level or semi-pro, which ever I can afford at the time. So I was browsing through the photos and wondering, my photos will not be abandoned and I will take the best photos according to my know how in photography.

That is a solemn promise I made to myself, for memories are important for me..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A love that will last..

Just sharing this simple song with its beautiful lyrics. The message of this song is truly wonderful interpretation of human love.
Love is beautiful and should last forever, love should be true and such love is a gift from God to us all. God bless..

Adidas ZX8000

Figure 1: Adidas ZX8000.
Finally, manage to post my Adidas ZX8000, this is a classic running shoe which was released around the 80s and are my current favorite running shoes. This excellent pair of shoes is one of the few shoes I have which actually have a black sole. I like black soles as it doesn't get so messed up when traversing in dirt.

Figure 2: Adidas ZX8000.
This shoe is great for walks and even trekking as the sole is full of support and grip. It can take a lot of terrain due to the nature of this excellently designed sole. The only thing is to not get the shoes dirty. I start to dislike the nature of this leather even though it does look great, but one spilt of food or dirt on it surely heartbreaking.
Figure 3: Adidas ZX8000.
The sole is seen in figure 4, there is a torsion bar which looks like a yellow bone. This shoe starts the torsion technology which is then further implemented and improve in newer performance shoes. The circular object at the hind of the shoe is the soft cell technology which is also another breakthrough via the ZX8000.
Figure 4: Adidas ZX8000.
This pair of shoe is made up of semi aniline leather upper. This means it is difficult to care for and since it is white in colour, it is surely prone to get dirty. Semi-aniline leathers cannot be cleaned using water or other solubles as it absorbs it into the leather to make it into an ugly patch. To care for this leather, should use specially prepared cleaner.
Figure 5: Adidas ZX8000.
I definitely would like to find a different version of these shoes, in a more easier to care leather. These kicks are very comfortable to bring for long walks or trekking. The design is also very retro and suitable for the modern style. Not too funky like Supras, nor too oldies like Hushpuppies.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunset alone..

This Sabbath I managed to go back and worship at Bintulu, I wish to spend time with my dad but he has business at Kuching so he's gone by 12 o'clock noon. I'm left a home all alone still I rested and am so glad to be home. Even though I'm alone I managed to close my day of rest at the beach. God is by my side.
Figure 1: Tg. Batu beach sunset.
When I'm alone, I spend a lot of time thinking and praying in my heart. I do not know what comes next in the future and I never dared to anticipate it. Sometimes I worry but it never helps and its been a long time that I've stopped worrying about what is about to come. God lifted that burden away from me.
Figure 2: Tg. Batu beach sunset.
So here I am, sitting down on a rock, watching the sunset in the horizon. I always do that last time when I was alone and lonely. Now I'm still doing it, this gave me a sense of peace and time alone. I'm always praying in my heart even though I can't always say it out in words. Only God knows.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Adidas Forum Mid DB by James Bond

Finally managed to actually take pics of the Adidas Forum Mid DB which is my first pair of Adidas originals by originals. This pair is specially designed by Undefeated designer James Bond for Adidas collaboration with David Beckham. This pair of Adidas Forum is mated with new pattern and premium materials. 

This pair is certainly a worthy pair for my collectibles. The pictures below will describe this kicks.
Figure 1: Adidas Forum OBYO.
Figure 2: Adidas Forum DB OBYO.
Figure 3: Adidas Forum DB OBYO.
Figure 4: Adidas Forum DB OBYO (Care Tag).
Figure 5: Adidas Forum DB (Leather insole).
The pair that I've bought is dark blue and the material that is used is soft supple premium blue leather. The inner side of the shoe is also made up of soft leather. I especially liked this pair as it is more comfortable than my last pair of Adidas Forum. The insole of the shoe is also soft and is of leather. This shoe is seriously comfortable.
Figure 6: Adidas Forum DB OBYO (Top View).
More coming up soon. I'm definitely a sole addict, defeating a ladies love for soles. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Past time

Working is really time consuming but I really can't bring myself to actually leave my past habits of reading comics, fantasy novels, movie time or even stop playing games. I'm still waiting for cool role playing games to find its way to me such as Diablo III. Playing games is such an addictive pastime for me since I was little kid, my parents used to lock up the computer but end up hacked up by me, just for the sake of games. I was also quite violent and repulsive attitude due to influence of games, this kept me involved in fights at school.
Figure 1: Fairy Tail.
Reading comics and watching anime is also part of my pastime during university times, I can't leave that out as I'm addicted to Japanese manga such as Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fairytail and Ravemaster to name a few. Back from work apart from other essential activities, this takes a large amount of my rest time. I enjoyed these trinkets even though I'm actually working in a matured serious profession. I'm not ashamed of it. This makes me a more cartoon friendly person and I really mix well with kids.

Still, I won't forget  to actually spend time with my love ones and especially our heavenly Father.. God bless..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mitsubishi Shogun

It's been a while since I've been driving. Every-time I crave driving, I always remembered my Mitsubishi Shogun back at home. With a humble 2.5cc 4D56 turbo diesel engine it is no rival to today's 4X4 but I still loving cruising' in it. This 4X4 doesn't have much power to speed up hills at high speeds but I'm still eager to ride it through the steepest hills. Really love its performance off road and it never disappoint me and takes me everywhere I want.
Figure 1: My Mitsubishi Shogun.
I never thought of selling this 4X4 even though there are people willing to cash it out from me. A few uncles has been urging me to give this beast up and buy a Toyota Ninja King, as if I can "afford" it. If I do want to get another one, I'll probably get the new Hilux 3.0G, excellent e. I've been thinking of converting it into a real off-road vehicle capable of exploring owned lands deep in the jungle. I'll start slowly though, with the drive train, suspension, stabilization and other upgrades which is very costly at the moment for me.
Figure 2: Interior still in excellent condition.
Missing the turbo whistling of this legendary Shogun, the fuel economy's not great but still affordable to the likes of me. No one's using it now, only the occasional starting up and once a month drive by my uncle. I've been sending funds to repair any problems with this 4X4 and won't be giving up on this Dakar winning model.
Figure 3: The New Hilux 2011.
Once I get to collect the optimum amount of deposit, this truck will probably be considered, love the tough accents and of course the intercooler inlet on the bonnet. Really looks tough and I'll have this over the Ninja King. Off roading and 4wheel drives are truly my cup of tea.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing my homeland

It's been about 2 months away from my homeland and I'm truly missing it so much. The food, places, familiar faces, friends & family alike and even the smell of the air there. It's truly different here, feels really out of place and unnatural, almost like a freshwater fish from the river put into an aquarium tank with different oxygen & salinity level. 
Figure 1: Beauty of a sunset.
Still I adapted and survived in this alien place which requires me to acquire a passport to actually stay and work here, this needs to be renewed like every 6 months. I miss my homeland, where the language is understandable and the food is glorious. Still like the fish, I adapted to life in the aquarium tank, kept alive with the prospect of just getting experience and of course greens.
Figure 2. The sun dies down slowly.
This reminded me of my last trip back to my homeland, it was with my sister who about 3 years have never been back and never been so much as to miss it as I do. Guess she's always with  family and that any place doesn't matters much they're around. A quote from my professor, Dr.Neelakatan Prabhakaran, "Sunsets in Sabah are the most beautiful compared to other places in the whole world".
Figure 3: Asneth.
This beautiful sunset is also witnessed by my sister who is rarely in our homeland. This beautiful sunshine which is rarely witnessed especially in other Western parts of Malaysia where the air is mostly less fresher and the environment isn't as fresh as our homeland. Just a minor comparison.

Figure 4: Wenddel@Jimmy.
Wenddel a.k.a Jimmy was also there, witnessing the sunset. Most of the time while I was at Sabah, whether there's fun activities or just plain boring hanging out, he's most of the time there. Sometimes he have some fun jimmy stories or sudden activity ideas but most of the time he preferred to be quiet and mess up with his mobile.
Figure 5: It's me.
Then there's me, always looking forward for a good time and experience, thinking of the most fun activities to do while relaxing at my homeland. I usually don't like to sport short hair, but as I grew up and entered the working world, this seems like a more ideal hairstyle as most people say I just finished form 5. But ever since I cut my hair, it's a more matured world out there for me.

All in all, I missed my homeland so much, will be back soon.. ;)

Latest Kicks..

Time at work seems limit my time for fun and also updating my collectibles. My shoe collection is growing with new additions mainly from Adidas only. Still haven't got the time to actually appreciate and test on other types of soles.

These are a list of new pairs that I've copped during these 2 months of hardship. Will update with real photos soon.

1) Adidas Originals By Originals Forum Mid David Beckham. Fig 1.
Fig 2.
2) Adidas Originals Mega Torsion RSP II. Fig 2.
Fig 2.  Special gift from my beloved sister.
3) Adidas Originals ZX8000. Fig 3.
Fig 3.
These kicks really won my heart but due to my busy-ness I still have no time to actually try them on. I'm really into Adidas releases these days. More coming up towards December and next year, currently slowing down a bit due to large funds will be used for my convocation day so I'll pause for a bit.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A slight pause..

A little life update..
Figure 1: Sparks of steel cutting.
It's been a very long time since I've updated my little blog. Been really busy working, for real, technical and real electrical engineering works. Working really involves really dangerous and hazardous unlike sitting in labs or lectures which involves little or less danger except for extreme stress and boredom. 

My work consists of a mix of all the engineering disciplines which I have learnt throughout my engineering undergrad and I am very fortunate to have at least touched some of the basics of other engineering disciplines such as Civil & Mechanical engineering which allows me to grasp works slightly faster.

Just a little update in my simple job and life as an engineer. As always in every work, safety first.

Go Go Safety First!!!