Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yester -year

It has been a really long 1 year and a month passed since I posted my last blog post. There has been too much happening that I didn't even had the time to blog on the computer. I didn't even have time for social networks since I de-activated my Facebook. 

I guess I will start to blog once again, just to keep track of this short fast life. I have been actively cycling and bicycle building. It has been one of my hobbies besides photography which I have slowed down for quite some time since I switch from APS-C to Full frame due to lack of filters and lenses.

I have been married since 28th of December 2014 with my ex-girlfriend and currently expecting a baby by the end of this year. I have been so blessed through out the year with challenges and a happy family. I hope that it will last and am learning to be a better person and partner.

I love cycling since I was small. Currently I am into bikes tuning and building. I am not a good builder but I am picking up skills here and there.  I am not an exceptionally fit rider. Just a casual one who loves to cycle with a premium steed that I custom build.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

June '14: Beauty of the night

Figure 1: The scene at Panorama Paradise.
Once in a while, I tend to walk outside when its 2 o' clock in the morning, the ambient that surrounds me is so cold and the only music I hear is the sound of nature. It was pitch black that the only source of light is coming from the skies. 

Its is a beauty to behold, the stars are shinning so brightly and in numbers which are so many that I can't remember the last star that I saw. I am in awe looking at the beautiful glowing sky. It is magical and also something that I have wished to capture.

It's the middle of the year, and there's so much that I have missed, beautiful sunsets and also limited time to do the things that I wanted to do. In everything we do, there's things we need to sacrifice in order to commit to a certain goal we need to achieve.

Figure 2: The owner of Panorama Paradise.
A big thanks to the owner of Panorama Paradise for allowing us a night's stay and enjoying the beauty of nature. If you're interested to contact the owner for bookings here's the link, Panorama Paradise.

Monday, May 12, 2014

May '14: Best Wishes

It has been more than one month and a half since I last posted in my blog. I have been very busy with a lot of issues at my work place as well as preparations for my upcoming big event. I hope that everything goes well within this year not only for me but for all of you out there. 

I was out at in the dark with some lovely people in the night and it was very cold close to the mountain at my homeland. It was pitch black and only lights were far away in the horizon. It was really breath taking the skies. I was so in love with the blanket of shimmering light.

My love saw meteors three times and made wishes three times. I hope her wishes come true, she wouldn't tell me what is it. But she is a blessing to me, and brings happiness to me. I hope that this lasts till death for I know that nothing in this world will be immortalized.

Figure 1: Starry nights.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March '14: Stranded and alone

Have you ever feel stranded and alone in life, when there's nobody to turn to and when times get so tough that you feel you just wanna cry. While listening to some old school music, I closed my eyes and try to reminisce the time when I felt that way.

I used to be like that whenever I return from school, and my father promised to fetch me, but due to my father being late, I am left all alone at school and it was already dark. Still, in the dark alone at the bus stop I have a small shimmering hope that my father will come.

And indeed at the minute that I hold on to this little small hope of mine, lights flashed from a distance and it parked just in front of the bus stop. It was my dad, I never lose hope in him and through out life, he has been the symbol of strength and hope. He is the person I look as a role model.

Figure 1: Stranded and alone at night.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March '14: When you say nothing at all

Figure 1: Light trail.
Emotions is an important part of a human being, without the ability to express your emotions, it is tough to communicate with people well. Emotions make a relationship interesting but it also can have a negative effect if it is adversely translated. One of the hardest thing to achieve is this type of intelligence.

Emotional intelligence can turn a down-side situation upside. A person who has a high amount of emotional intelligence is able to identify the type of emotions before one expresses it. Not only that, but able to assess it and control it. Not only self-control but also the ability to control other's.

Just a little raving, about building up my own ability to control my own emotions when things get so stressed up. I really enjoy expressing but sometimes, I just don't feel like it, especially during a stressful meeting, I make such a long face. I hope to learn and improve on this.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March '14: The spirit of home

Figure 1: Bird's home.
I used to think that I will never ever grow up and leave home. That I will always stay the same and enjoy myself as a kid. Everyday will be happy with my family and the rainbow of joy will never fade away. But that is all a kid's fantasy and in time, I didn't even have a small part of that little kid who used to be almost happy all the time.

There will come a time, when we who used to be kids, grow up and leave home. It takes time for the feeling of wanting to be home to fade away and for some people it really takes a challenge as home is where the heart is. It is also tough for me, but I crushed the feeling in my heart and moved on.

Home is warm and for me it will always be, I will always long for home, and soon I will have a home of my own with my family. I wanted to create a home where everyone living under the shelter feels the same way as I used to feel when I was a kid. That I will work hard for.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 2014: Stars are brightly shining

Figure 1: Early in the morning.
Here I am again, not trying to focus to finish up my work. I am feeling so lazy that I decided to spill out a little bit of me before I continue work. I have been going out but not for photography, all that little spare time left after work is gone with cycling. I have to train harder to be fit and lose weight.

Figure 2: Waves beat the stones.
Still the sunset is so enticing to miss that I decided to try something different, why not cycle during the evening and wake up early in the morning and try to capture the sunrise. Well, the sunrise isn't so awesome as it is blocked by the clouds but the stars are rewarding.

Figure 3: Wishing upon a star.