Sunday, December 30, 2012

The End of it All

Figure 1: White a symbol of peace and serenity.
At the end of the road, at the end of time, which is unknown to mortals but in life, there will always be the end of the road. And when it does, when the final breath of life leave your lips, all that is left is your memories  with others which will leave a pang of pain to love ones.

The end of it all is the moment where most people will never want to think about. They never want to think of the end, life will go on forever, that is what people want to believe. They never want to end something that is so beautiful and grand yet sometimes so dreadfully painful for those with terminal sickness.

When you're someone who is serving for others, sometimes others may never see, how you're serving, but for those who are precious to you, they know you're fighting for the people of the nation and it is an honor even though names are forgotten, the deeds aren't.

So my new year resolution is to,

"Start with the end in mind"

"Be a humble and honorable person"

"Think of others more and less of myself"

These three things I strive to conquer, I seek to take control of myself. Which is the hardest part for me to do in my life. 2013, if it is my last year, make it a memorable one for me, so that people will not remember me for who I am, but for what I have done for them.
Figure 2: A beautiful personal message.
"When someone you Love becomes a Memory, that Memory becomes a Treasure."

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life's Journey 2012

Figure 1: A life long journey.

When the path ahead of you seems so blurry and unclear and times aren't so good, it is so easy to blame everything. When morale is so low, and the feeling is so uncomfortable it is easy to point fingers and start to blame people, situations, food and even worst, "God".

Life during this year, 2012 hasn't been so smooth for me, but I thank God that despite a lot of events, failure and disappointment, I recovered and bounced back despite the challenges that I faced. I wasn't feeling happy during that situation but I got through it.

There is also conflicts in my self, which always keeps telling me to deviate from what I hold most precious in myself. Despite all those hard decisions, I was so thankful that even though I walked away from the path of my beliefs, I quickly realized my folly and returned.

It is those values which makes me a stronger person, the values which have been implanted in me since I was small. There are things which we can do, and there are things which we can't and never must do. Be it a simple habitual thing or something which effects your integrity as a person.

I am so blessed to have realized and seen where life's journey has taken me. It is not easy to be the person I am now, and there is a lot more to learn through life. I am blessed that God is with me, and even when times are not stable, God is still walking beside me and carrying me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

What I've wanted

I was walking along the path of a park one day, and pondered to myself, is this the right path I am walking. I wasn't even sure about it. I was puzzled that along the way, I have experienced a lot of things which makes me a very unique person.

I am not even sure I wanted every part of that experience, especially those bitter sweet ones. There are times when I felt like breaking down and giving up. Still there's a part of my mechanism that just doesn't want to give up. It drives me on.

The path is long and winding, I can't even seem to see the end of the road. I am getting more weary and tired. Is this what, God has planned for me or am I just blindly walking through this road of life. Life is filled with so much surprises that I got tired of it.

There's even a time that I fallen so low and everything seems so dim. Out of stamina and power, there's a hand pulling me up from nowhere. There's a lot of shit to deal with along the way and it's every assholes role to make the world go around a slightly more painful experience. 

Life is filled of make yourself happy or basically lying to yourself to make yourself better. I took the medicine and it made life worse, people can talk and make up a lot of nice shit to make you feel better but in the end, it is up to "you" to rise up and bounce back from the fall.

Trust in the Lord always and He will direct thy paths. In the end, if you don't seem to understand what you want, God does, because He made us and if only we trust in Him, we'll get what we truly want..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's been a tiring process, it has been a very long week without rest, I am counting the days till weekends. I have been so focused with work that I don't even have time to loaf around or even do things which I love.

The task of downloading all the information is very tiring, it was done in a very comfortable environment, but it seems to much and very challenging when all those terms are kept in acronyms.
Figure 1: Missing the clicks.
I just want to get a whole day off and take some photos. Missing the whole process of framing and capturing it. So before I take my rest, just a click will make my day.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tired - Exausted

It has been a long two weeks and quite an adventure for me. Get to know a lot of people, brilliant and from different diverse backgrounds. Was able to blend in well, not so, but still able to go with the flow and sometimes fighting it.

Need to take a break from everything and calm my senses. Would want to lift up my camera and click, so I couldn't wait for weekend to come by. Workdays please be good to me. I really need rest as I am not a machine.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Life has been so good to me, I went abroad, ultimately to only get rejected, I've wasted two weeks of my life waiting for that one in a million offer to work overseas. Still, is it really a waste of time or am I just exaggerating my own feelings. Life has been tremendously good to me and I felt to blessed.

I journeyed to be accepted in a company which pays high amount of money in a foreign land, I had been promised a place, where I resigned from my company in pursue of a new work environment and also to be able to achieve more. However, after waiting two weeks I was rejected and so I went back empty handed.

Figure 1: My work pass.
So, finally I was received in a company which promises me more than just my dedication but the whole of me, to be able to work in a company which ranked no.68 in the Fortune 500 is a dream come true. I am psyched to be able to contribute not only to the company but also to the country.

I am now at the capital city of my country, being trained and brainwashed to be a staff aligned with my company's agenda. I am willing and God willing I will be a newly transformed executive and will be a better behaved person reflecting my values which comes deep from my heart. 

For everything I want to thank God.