Thursday, June 23, 2011


Its been sometime since I've had an opportunity to have an adventure. A particularly dangerous adventure, where there is a certain potential where I might not even live to tell about it, but it seems very unlikely I'll reach to that certain point of time. So I guess I'll be dormant for the time being and relax. 

But I'm not that kind of person who just sits there or stay in a place without anything to do. I need a certain adventure. It doesn't have to be dangerous but I need to at least get myself moving and working. The gears in my body will cease to allow me to move freely if I never use it. My mind is wrecking itself if I keep staying walled up.

Urban adventures or even jungle adventures all makes me rile up in glee. I didn't even manage to join the last hike due to business at the University. Well, at least after this I'm done, but will I ever encounter another adventure soon? Pretty please?? 

Still anywhere I go, every adventure I participate in, I will submit to my Creator, at all times..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dying a death where no one misses you..

Figure 1: The Mayor of Casterbridge.
    Recently I completed a masterpiece novel by Thomas Hardy, entitled the Mayor of Casterbridge. This story is about a man named Michael Henchard who initially in the early part of the story sold his wife and daughter for a small amount of money to a sailor named Richard Newson. 
    This story is a tragic story where the main character Michael Henchard starts with absolutely nothing and ends up with basically nothing as well. He is an impulsive person, who acts without thinking and a very self person. Everything that he does is based solely on his own actions.

   Henchard, is never condemned by anyone in this story, no matter the deed that he does is totally unacceptable. He lives in a society but never wants to be a part of it. He only wants to use his own power to obtain his wants, however, he forgets that he lives in a society.

    Henchard is really bad with secrets, he can't keep them well and keep telling those secrets to the wrong person, and in the end, the whole thing just backfires to him and causes his life to turn upside down. Henchard is not a trustworthy person and breaks his promise to marry a young lady name Lucetta.

    The Mayor of Casterbridge is a masterpiece written by Thomas Hardy. It is a really good book where its values are potrayed as the story is played by the reader. This story is tragic and filled with elements of curse, mirror-repetitions which are played well.

    Maybe, I have such qualities such as Henchard, it is a horror to end up like him, as in the end, Henchard dies a death where he wants no one, not even his own step daughter to remember or miss him. This is indeed a bitter and terrible curse to uphold.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Its been sometime since I finished my semester, but the stress inside still feels like its happening. It has passed, but I seem to not been able to leave it at that and be at peace. Is the effect of over-stress that horrid. I can't help but to realize that there is always that ability of mine to rewind those moments when everything seems to have no hope, no light and I prayed. I tried so hard to heal myself. I guess that's not my job and I have to rely on a higher power.

I didn't get those results that I wanted or whatever things which I plan to get or collect, didn't work out. I hope to get my collection going as soon as possible. Things have been out of hand before still I never wished that things would get better than this. I am in the process of healing myself, detoxifying myself.

My brain is full of negativity, fear to fail, fear to go on, and fear of being alone, this is my weakness, Deep inside I felt that emptiness but I never strive to acknowledge it. I am in constant fear of my inability to find solutions due to tons of relevant and irrelevant data inside of me. 

Still, I'm holding up, and I like to thank my Creator for allowing me not to break and crack myself during those torturous times. I want to free myself but I can't for only He can do it. And I can only praise and acknowledge that through his unending kindness, I can finally see the light and be glad.