Monday, May 23, 2011

Just another Limited Edition Superstar 80s

Just looking around, wondering what is the next potential candidate I would like to add to my long unbuilded Adidas Superstar 80s collection. Looking into skate shoes, I really liked the Adidas Attitude Vulcs which are really large and available in hi cut version, its simple enough which I liked however, I doubt that I really want to add more hi cut to my collections after I sold off my Timberland boots collection. So, I saw this as a potential kicks addition to my collectives.

Figure 1: Adidas Superstar 80s "Eldridge".
This is some cool stuff, but I'm still thinking deeply. It wins in simplicity and I found slight difference between this shoe and the traditional Adidas Superstar 80s. This may be a potential, but I'm still searching for the true pair. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to the Past

Just a few memories which were quite embarrassing and was actually a pair of sweet kids letter to his and her beloved auntie which was recovered recently..
Figure 1: A vintage letter.

Figure 2: Words of Asneth's vintage letter.

Figure 3: Asneth's vintage greeting card.
Figure 4: My Christmas greeting letter.
Figure 5: The contents of my letter.
I'm not sure what to say as my memories of actually writing this letter is very dim and I can't seem to remember if I ever even wrote this letter. I haven't got much to say, but maybe I used to be a sweet kid back then until games damaged my mind. But I always remembered that my sis is always that sweet little girl who likes to read, write and studies well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just before the Viva..

Figure 1: Me & the Warriors.
Sarawak was great, it was not the first time I went there though, still it was a very fruitful and interesting adventure. Sarawak is filled with culture and its heredity is well protected. The streets are lively and not filled with "pilaks" unlike my motherland. I was really thrilled by the fact Sarawak is still untouched by UMNO and this made a bit sad about my motherland.

Figure 2: This is "CHERYL".
Well this is Cheryl, she's from Kuching, Sarawak and she's the youngest of three siblings. She likes to drink coffee and loves food. She also loves Jesus. Well, Cheryl has been an excellent team mate for me and greedy girl during the duration of our studies at UMS. We've been through a lot of stress and challenges together. Thank you Cheryl. God bless you abundantly in this new beginning, even though the world is going to end.

Figure 3: In awe of the warriors.
Still, more on this trip, we have been given a special trip by our guide and course mate "Cheryl", to a famous food place. Still I really loved the toast which was served for our breakfast. The fish soup noodle was a little sour for my tastes but I liked it too as the amount is really worthed it.

Figure 4: Still awed by the warriors.
Throughout the trip I was armed with my Adidas Superstars 80s which gives my feet protection and comfort throughout the whole walks. On figure 1, I actually went to this park twice but I didn't realized the warriors who are the ones fighting for freedom of Sarawak. These warriors are really brave and valiant warriors of old who are honored in this park.

Figure 5: The jump.
The museum is filled with historical things but we just went to the animals place. So back to the park, it has a long walkway and someone has a brilliant idea of wanting to run and jump. Then it happened, they run and jumped, but greedy girl over jumped and didn't landed good. Luckily she isn't hurt.

Figure 6: Prayer for the Dead, not.
Well, I'm not sure why I liked his picture or even bothered to post it here. Still this picture gives me a bit of reminisce reminder to my grandmother who I loved so much. Well, it isn't about a prayer for the dead, as they don't need it and I need prayers more then them anyways. Just a pose where I pray for a better future maybe.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stress and it's ill effects

Stress is our body's natural response which causes emotional and physical strain when we are pushed hard by the outside world. Those stress reactions includes tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, and a variety of symptoms which includes headache and a fast heartbeat.

I felt all those symptoms when I was away for these few weeks, due to the demands of the Final Year Project, I sacrificed sleep and even my time to relax just to get work done. Sometimes hope seems so dim when I tried to work out certain problems which leads to bigger problems and it seems endless.

There are assignments and reports just thrown along the way which causes me the inability to concentrate and focus on each one. It might be my planning ability, but it seems that even simple questions can make me blurred out or even confused. This is such a big problem for me and causes me more stress.

In life it is impossible to live without some type of stress, And of course most of us wouldn't want to live without it as it gives life some spice and excitement. But in my case, stress gets out of control and harms me in a very grave and dangerous way. It harms my health, my relationship and my ability to actually enjoy life.

I can only pray and hope that God will carry my burden of stress as the more stress I become, the further I diverge away from the correct path. I tend to even wake up at intervals of an hour every night as if I'm having nightmares I can't even cease to remember. Whenever I woke up, my heart beats so hard and I feel myself almost lifeless.

Stress can kill and definitely can cause me to have no hope in my life. I need to be strong, and find things which will relieve me of this weakness. I need God's guidance to guide me away from this calamity. Even a trip away from home, if there's unfinished business, the stress won't go away. 

I need healing badly.. eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep then go for an exercise spree.. I'll definitely do it after my thesis submission.

Figure 1: Adidas Superstar 80s throughout the stress period.