Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today, back from my short vacation at homeland, with heavy steps I marched to the office once I reached home. With a letter in my hand, I walked with tough strides knowing that this decision is a very tough one but I had to get it done.

I met up with my superior explaining that I want to tender for resignation, with a sullen look in his face, he accepted my resignation without much question. I bet that in his heart he is quite sad, we've been through a lot as a team.

I have great experiences during my stay, however despite those good times, I have to move on in my life and career. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Catching the sunset

Figure 1: After sunset.
I was in a hurry to capture the sunset after handing in flyers for a church seminar. With me, I was accompanied by my little brother and two friends. As we set out the beach, I was optimistic as the sun was still high up the sky, however despite speeding past 100km/h the sun sets to my dismay.

It was almost dark and the sky is filled with dark clouds indicating that a storm will be coming soon, I set up my camera, not giving up as I have tried my best to reach just before the sunsets. It was windy and the dark waves are beating onto the rocks. Occasionally splashing on me.

With some filters and long exposure, I manage to get a least some of the light that is left of the sunset. I learned a lesson that day, that is, to be early and prepared in order to get the shot that I wanted. All in all, I would like to thank God for giving such a beautiful possibilities in life.
Figure 2: Sunlight fading.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Trusting someone so much that, trusting their every word, only to wake up one day to find out that everything was a lie and that everything was just made up for that person's amusement. Everything that you have believe in through the years turns out to be a total lie.

Every tears, everything that happened to you and him was just made up and made to tear apart our relationship. Every words and promises that you've said were just something which you would make and break every other day.

Now everyone hates and dislikes you, no matter what you say or try to defend yourself, a lie is a lie. Like a little girl who shouted "wolf", no one would ever come to you again, and when the wolf come to get you, you will be alone, all by yourself.

You have made people so miserable, so sad, friends who tried their best to console and help you, you just push them away for your own lust. Well, this will be the last straw and there will never be another time. So, go away and be by yourself, I have always forgiven, but this time it's hard for me to forget.

I need to ask forgiveness for my kin for allowing him to the likes of you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time machine

It has been about 50 days since I finally have time to go online casually, I chose to write and reflect. Work has been haunting me and I felt that I need a change of environment. Life has indeed been good to me and blessings through countless ways has been granted to me. However, I found that work takes toll onto what I love to do the best, and this is what truly matters to me.

Life is cruel, especially to people who are truly kind-hearted and really trust a person truly, it is severely cruel especially when that person is too trusting that he/she has given away what is the most precious to a person who hasn't even committed to him/her. Almost to the brink of suicidal, I gave a helping hand and helped her up, letting her know that there's always a second chance in life.

Recently I have been taken to court, due to family reasons and it seems that there are land titles allocated to me which are disputed by other members of the family. This is where I suffer the most in the month of September. I have to take leave and attend the court hearing which took whole day, with legal proceedings and documents verification as well as signature.

Time is really important for me, to be able to reflect myself and to give myself to the service of others. I enjoy my work here but it is too time consuming and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to do what I wanted to do. My friend recently offered me a job back at homeland, I am thinking hard, for the experience at my current workplace is good, but I rarely have time even for myself.

I finally take leave back home and went jungle tracking with my little brother, we're 10 years difference of age and have different characteristics. As we walked, we talked a lot on how things have changed. For better or worse, we've defeated it, well for him, I'm going to support him to be a future doctor. 
Figure 1: Me and my little brother.
The going will be tough but for my family, I'll always be there for them. 

Peace be with you and God bless.