Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March '14: Stranded and alone

Have you ever feel stranded and alone in life, when there's nobody to turn to and when times get so tough that you feel you just wanna cry. While listening to some old school music, I closed my eyes and try to reminisce the time when I felt that way.

I used to be like that whenever I return from school, and my father promised to fetch me, but due to my father being late, I am left all alone at school and it was already dark. Still, in the dark alone at the bus stop I have a small shimmering hope that my father will come.

And indeed at the minute that I hold on to this little small hope of mine, lights flashed from a distance and it parked just in front of the bus stop. It was my dad, I never lose hope in him and through out life, he has been the symbol of strength and hope. He is the person I look as a role model.

Figure 1: Stranded and alone at night.


  1. God will always be around when everyone is gone.

    1. Thanks Thomas, you have great faith in God..